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CompTIA A+ Certification An Easy Way to Double Your Chances of Getting Hired

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Are you looking to acquire an internationally - recognized credential on your CV?

Are you interested in a vendor-neutral certification that is well respected all across the IT industry?

If the answer to these questions is a Yes, CompTIA A+ certification is something that you should be interested in. CompTIA certified professionals are working for some of the biggest IT companies in the world. Right from the established multinationals to rank new startups, there is no dearth of professionals who are CompTIA A+ certified. But, what is the reason for that?

To begin with, it is the first certification that was actually invented for people trying to get into tech support, which is an entry-level position before you take an advanced job. It is a great chance to understand how general PCs, networks, servers, mobile devices and all the related components actually work in a real-time environment. For a young professional, the best idea is to get a CompTIA A+ certification. Then apply to an entry-level job of your choice and head-start your professional life.

CompTIA  A+ certification - A perfect start

When you know that an A+ certification would actually help you start the journey as an IT professional, you should not wait for too long. Now, there are 2 ways you can go about this:

  1. You could prepare for the examination by going through the coursework. It is recommended that you join an online course or even a training program to cover all the topics and appear for the examination at a later stage.
  2. If you're really short on time and eying a particular job, you should contact an industry-leading certification provider like Cert Wizard to help you get the certification in less than 1 week, that too at a nominal cost. For more information, see (LINK)

How should I know whether the certification is right for me?

  1. Computer enthusiasts - Are you someone who's looking to know a bit more about the software and hardware functions on a PC? Go for an A+ certification to increase your knowledge.
  2. First-time IT professionals or tech beginners - So, you have the basic knowledge of computers and looking to get your first job in IT. Unfortunately, with lots of competition around, an uncertified individual would not be taken seriously. CompTIA A+ certification will help you get the necessary credentials on your CV.
  3. Experienced IT professionals looking to advance their career - Once you are already working in the organization and see an opening for a promotion. The first point that will separate you from other colleagues is your credentials on paper. That's why it's important to get certified and get that badge on your CV right away.

Once you start working with a company, you need to get your foot in the door, to advance towards higher positions. That's why the first step is to start with any job. This is where the CompTIA A+ certification comes to rescue and will help you get your 'first job'.

Let's say there are five candidates and all have similar work experience with similar educational qualifications. What separates them is the number of badges they have on their profile. These certification badges will help them stay competitive and eventually get the job.

To be honest, if you're looking to develop your career and work your way through the shenanigans of IT industry, you need to start with the proper certification. CompTIA is a premium brand name and the certification issued is completely vendor neutral. This is also one of the major reasons why people go for a CompTIA A+ certification. Once there certified, you can switch to another job in any organization.

For a candidate who's looking to make a career in IT, CompTIA A+ certification is the golden pass for an amazing future.