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How can I pass MCSA exam?

Few things to know before you start

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Microsoft offers a wide range of online certification programs designed to help grow your skills.

If you are looking for Microsoft MCSA, MCSE or AZURE certification then Certwizard can help you get certified really fast.

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To get MCSA Windows Server 2016 you will need to pass:
Exam 70-740, 70-141, 70-742

To get MCSA Windows Server 2012 you will need to pass:
Exam 70-410, 70-411, 70-412

To get MCSE Core Infrastructure certification you will need to pass:
(MCSA Server 2012 or MCSA Server 2016) & one of the exams:
70-413, 70-414, 70-473, 70-475, 70-537, 70-744

Microsoft certification will open many doors throughout your IT career.

Pass Microsoft certification process explanation:

1. Send us a message with the following information:
- Desired IT certification and test code which you want to pass (MCSA or MCSE)
- First Name and Last Name
- Tel No(with the country code)
- Question (if any)

We'll reply to your email within 12-24 hours and give you instructions about how you can get IT certified in just a few days.

2. Once you receive information about the MCSA certification and exams which you want to pass, payment will need to be done. The moment you send us the payment, we will start the process of passing MCSA certification for you.

3. You can now check the results on the official IT organization website. You will be able to download your certificate, create exam transcript details and Share your digital badges on Social networks like LinkedIn.

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