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Are you on the quest for a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification but find yourself grappling with preparation challenges and time constraints? The prospect of paying someone to take your CCNP exam may have crossed your mind. Look no further than certwizard.com, a leading online platform dedicated to assisting individuals in achieving their certifications. In this article, we explore the possibilities and benefits of choosing the service to buy CCNP online.

Understanding CCNP Certification

Cisco's CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) is a prominent certification designed for IT professionals, network engineers, and system administrators. Unlike CCNA, it doesn't necessitate prior completion, allowing individuals to opt for the CCNP exam directly. This certification validates expertise in Cisco technologies, enhances career opportunities, and confirms skills in managing intricate networking systems.

The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certifications are designed for IT professionals seeking advanced skills in specific areas of networking. Here's an overview of the CCNP certifications:

  1. CCNP Enterprise (350-401 ENCOR exam + Concentration exam):

    • Focus: This certification is for professionals working with enterprise networking solutions. It covers topics such as advanced routing, switching, troubleshooting, and implementing scalable and secure networks.
  2. CCNP Data Center (350-601 DCCOR exam + Concentration exam):

    • Focus: This certification is geared towards professionals who design, implement, and manage data center infrastructure. It covers areas such as data center networking, automation, storage networking, and unified computing.
  3. CCNP Security (350-701 SCOR exam + Concentration exam):

    • Focus: Aimed at security professionals, this certification covers topics like implementing and managing security solutions in networking environments. It includes areas like network security, identity management, and secure connectivity.
  4. CCNP Service Provider (350-501 SPCOR exam + Concentration exam):

    • Focus: Geared towards professionals working with service provider networks. It covers advanced topics such as service provider architectures, quality of service, and network automation.
  5. CCNP Collaboration (350-801 CLCOR + Concentration exam):

    • Focus: Designed for professionals involved in collaboration solutions such as voice, video, and messaging. Topics include implementing and troubleshooting collaboration applications and devices.

Each CCNP certification typically consists of multiple exams, and successful completion demonstrates a high level of expertise in the respective technology area.

Process of Attaining CCNP Certification

To attain CCNP certification, candidates must clear two exams: a core exam and a concentration exam. The order in which these exams are taken is flexible, but both must be completed within a 3-year period to achieve CCNP certification.

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We'll reply to your email as soon as possible and share detailed instructions about the CCNP certification process, how to get CCNP CERTIFICATION ONLINE and what is needed to finish CNP exam prep successfully.

Scheduling the CCNP exam involves setting up an appointment through Pearson VUE testing service. Alternatively, CertWizard offers the service of "Pay someone to do my CCNP certification," providing assistance in taking your online CCNP exam.

Benefits of CCNP Certification

Earning CCNP certification is not just a recognition of skills; it opens doors to exciting career opportunities. It's a valuable investment in your professional development, proving your ability to handle advanced networking challenges.

Can Someone Take My CCNP Exam?

Wondering if you can hire someone to take your CCNP exam for you? CertWizard is the perfect destination for such assistance. We specialize in providing the support needed to achieve your desired CCNP score.

How CertWizard Can Help

The process is simple:

  1. Visit our website and sign up for our services.
  2. Contact us through our contact form or use live chat, asking questions like "CCNP exam help" or "Can I pay someone to do my CCNP certification exam for me?"
  3. Receive a quote and have a CCNP expert assigned to take the exam on your behalf.
  4. Leave the rest to us, working diligently to ensure you attain the CCNP score you desire.

Streamlining the CCNP Certification Journey

CertWizard offers a secure and effective solution, simplifying the journey toward obtaining your CCNP certification with ease and confidence.

The Easy 5-Day CCNP Certification Plan

For those seeking the fastest route to CCNP certification, CertWizard provides a plan that allows you to obtain your certification within five days. No need for a preparatory course—simply schedule your exam through Pearson VUE and notify us two days in advance.

FAQs About CCNP Certification

1. Can someone acquire the CCNP certification through purchase?

  • While purchasing a legitimate CCNP certification directly is not possible, CertWizard offers CCNP proxy exam service where a Cisco trainer will help you pass the exam, enabling you to obtain the certification swiftly.

2. Is the CCNP Exam Hard?

  • The difficulty of the CCNP exam is subjective and varies based on individual background and preparedness. However, with the assistance of Certwizard.com, the journey toward passing the exam can be made more seamless.

3. Why choose CertWizard for CCNP Online Proctored Exam Help?

  • CertWizard stands out with proficient tutors, budget-friendly rates, guaranteed outstanding performance, and a commitment to candidate confidentiality during online proctored exams.

4. How can I contact CertWizard for CCNP Exam Help?

  • Contact CertWizard today for professional CCNP Exam help through our Contact Us page on the website.

5. What sets CertWizard apart from other services?

  • CertWizard.com sets itself apart with its dedicated team of trainers, affordable rates, and guaranteed pass for every online proctored exam.


In conclusion, the journey to CCNP certification can be challenging, but with the ethical assistance provided by CertWizard.com, it becomes a streamlined and achievable goal. Invest in your skills, explore the options, and let CertWizard guide you towards CCNP success.

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