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If you are an IT guy working in any IT area like computer security, system administration, or in a server environment, there are a lot of certifications that show your expertise. One of the safest ways to climb the career ladder is to gain certification in certain areas. Here we will list for you the top 5 most desired CompTIA certifications that will make you a great asset to any company.

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1. CompTIA Security+ Certification

You have a career in the network security field or you want to start one? The best place to begin career growth is to get CompTIA Security+ certification. Network security the most rapidly growing area in Information Technology these days. Successfully taking and passing this certification means that you are competent in network infrastructure, security, organization security and access control.

Security + is a major upgrade to your Network + certification (it is not a prerequisite) as it is based on networks that focus on key aspects of security. There is a very high demand for Information Technology security experts and this is due to the fact that the threats to computer security are growing in quantity and severity. So when you pass CompTIA Security+ certification, you are no doubt going to be a great asset to just about any company that hires you.

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2. CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+ certification is introduced in 1993, it is widely respected and seen by many as the beginning certificate for any IT career. CompTIA A+ certification is basically a confirmation that a person has computer technician competency. The certification includes several operating systems like Microsoft, Apple, Novell, and IBM among others and it also covers many technologies.

By many employers, CompTIA A+ certification is considered the industry standard for computer support technicians. Having a certificate simply demonstrates the skills of a computer expert. Not only is it internationally accepted and vendor-neutral but it also proves that the holder is competent in areas like preventive maintenance, installation, security, troubleshooting and networking in a range of operating systems and technologies.

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3. CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

CASP, or CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner, is one of the most sought after certificates and many IT professionals will always seek it. The CASP is a security certification that covers the areas below:

  • Managing risk and forecasting
  • Enterprise security
  • Risk analysis

The term enterprise security is a critical aspect of this certification because it provides the holder with practical skills to managed SME-sized companies and above. The CASP certification shows that an IT professional has advanced-level knowledge and skills in the IT security area. CASP is also an international certification and is also vendor-neutral and shows that the holder is competent in enterprise security, integration of computing, communication and business disciplines.

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4. CompTIA Network+ Certification

This certification also finds its way into the most sought-after CompTIA certifications, especially for IT beginners. The Network+ certification is especially important to you if you have the ambition to become an IT support professional. It's a nice addition to the CompTIA A+ certification as it goes well beyond basic networking skills that are only addressed in the A+ certification. After obtaining this certification, you will have skills in managing, maintaining, installing, troubleshooting, and configuring basic network infrastructures.

Like the A+ certification, the Network+ certification is an entry-level certification, which just means you don't necessarily need a computer science degree to pass the Network+ exam. However, CompTIA actually recommends that a person get A+ certification first before proceeding with it (of course this is not a prerequisite). Additionally, CompTIA recommends that you have at least 9 months of network support, academic education, or network administration experience.

We would also advise you to get the A+ certification first as it provides a solid foundation for Network+ certification. Plus, it's usually easier to pass when compared to Network+ and gives your confidence boost. To pass the test using CertWizard’s exam proxy service, you do not need Network+ study books and practice tests.

In short, CompTIA Network + certification is one of the best certifications, especially for those new to IT. The certification builds on the CompTIA A+ certification by digging deeper into the field of computer networking. For a good IT job, you need computer networking skills.

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5. CompTIA Server+ Certification

If you want to start your career in server support, this is a great place to start. The certificate is perfect for system administrators because it provides you with the technical skills and knowledge needed not only to build and maintain but also to troubleshoot and support server software and hardware technologies.

The CompTIA Server + certification is actually a middle course that covers advanced computer concepts, not an introductory course. It is therefore intended for people with about 18 to 24 months of experience working with server environments. According to CompTIA, it is better to get an A + certificate first before you start this one. A + gives you a good foundation for other CompTIA certifications like Server +, although you can bypass it if you have the proper computing experience.

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Taking everything into account, CompTIA certifications are a great way to go up the career ladder. Not only are they vendor-neutral but are also intentionally accepted. The certifications set you on a great career path as there is a shortage of truly knowledgeable computer experts, especially in security. Have any of the above CompTIA certifications or a combination of 2 or three and you are sure to be valuable to just about any company.

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