Certifications that We offer.

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  • CCNP Enterprise


    350-401 ENCOR
    Concentration exams (choose one):
    300-410 ENARSI
    300-415 ENSDWI
    300-420 ENSLD
    300-425 ENWLSD
    300-430 ENWLSI

  • CCNP Collaboration


    350-801 CLCOR
    Concentration exams (choose one)
    300-810 CLICA
    300-815 CLACCM
    300-820 CLCEI
    300-835 CLAUTO

  • CCNP Data Center


    350-601 DCCOR 
    Concentration exams (choose one):
    300-610 DCID
    300-615 DCIT
    300-620 DCACI
    300-625 DCSAN
    300-635 DCAUTO

  • CCNP Security


    350-701 SCOR 
    Concentration exams (choose one):
    300-710 SNCF
    300-715 SISE
    300-720 SESA
    300-725 SWSA
    300-730 SVPN
    300-735 SAUTO

  • CCNP Service Provider


    350-501 SPCOR
    Concentration exams (choose one):
    300-510 SPRI
    300-515 SPVI
    300-535 SPAUTO

  • DevNet Professional


    350-901 DEVCOR 
    Concentration exams (choose one):
    300-435 ENAUTO
    300-835 CLAUTO
    300-635 DCAUTO
    300-535 SPAUTO
    300-735 SAUTO
    300-910 DEVOPS
    300-915 DEVIOT
    300-920 DEVWBX

  • Cisco CCIE


    CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure: 350-401

    CCIE Enterprise Wireless: 350-401

    CCIE Data Center: 350-601

    CCIE Security: 350-701

    CCIE Service Provider: 350-501

    CCIE Collaboration: 350-801

    CCDE: 352-001

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