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200-301 Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions



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The following text will explain what you need to know about Cisco CCNA certification and how to get a Cisco CCNA certificate online without doing 200-301 exam or Cisco CCNA certification preparation, practice test, exam questions, exam dumps, or training ONLINE from home.

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CCNA belongs to the Associate level of certification offered by Cisco.
Cisco Associate master the essentials needed to launch a Networking career and expand your job possibilities with the latest technologies. Cisco Associate level proves that you can install, configure, operate, support, and troubleshoot medium-size route and switched wired and/or wireless networks.

What is CCNA certification all about? Cisco CCNA certificate is created for IT Professionals to show their excellence in the Cisco networking environment.
Cisco is the most famous networking and communications products company in the world. 
Very well known for its business Routing and Switching products that route the Data, Voice, and Video traffic across networks worldwide. 

Cisco offers an array of services from simple product support to complete solutions for Data Centers and Cloud Management. Applications for Unified Communications, telepresence, and collaboration (WebEx) and Storage Networking. 

Being a Cisco Certified proves that you are an IT professional with the Skills and Knowledge required to support Cisco products and solve customers' technology issues. Cisco certifications are one of the most respected certifications in the technology industry.

The Cisco certification program is comprehensive.
In February 2020 Cisco redesigned certification programs to better prepare students, engineers, and software developers for success in the industry’s most critical jobs.

CCNA certification is created to cover a broad range of Network IT careers. For candidates with limited years of networking experience. The CCNA has no strict prerequisite training or certifications.

CCNA certification proves that you know how to install, operate, configure, and verify basic IPv4 and IPv6 networks. Proves that you are qualified to support and troubleshoot medium-size route and switched wired and/or wireless networks. CCNA technology areas covered: Networking, Security, and Automation.
Covered Skills during the CCNA certification path are:

  • Network fundamentals
  • Network access
  • IP connectivity
  • IP services
  • Security fundamentals
  • Automation and programmability

Cisco created CCNA certification for associate-level Network job roles, Network Administrator job roles.

Recommended experience for Cisco CCNA is one or more years of experience implementing and administering Cisco solutions, BUT NOT MANDATORY.

Measured Skills during the Cisco CCNA exam are:

  • Implementing VLANs and Trunks    
  • Routing Between VLANs    
  • Introducing OSPF    
  • Building Redundant Switched Topologies    
  • Improving Redundant Switched Topologies with EtherChannel    
  • Exploring Layer 3 Redundancy    
  • Introducing WAN Technologies    
  • Explaining Basics of ACL    
  • Enabling Internet Connectivity    
  • Introducing QoS    
  • Explaining Wireless Fundamentals    
  • Introducing Architectures and Virtualization
  • Explaining the Evolution of Intelligent Networks    
  • Introducing System Monitoring    
  • Managing Cisco Devices    
  • Examining the Security Threat Landscape    
  • Implementing Threat Defense Technologies    
  • Securing Administrative Access    
  • Implementing Device Hardening


The Cisco CCNA learning path requires the candidate to pass one exam:

  • Exam 200-301

CCNA certification requirements? There are no prerequisites to schedule exam. 24 hours after the candidate pass exam, the Cisco CCNA certificate will be released, and you will receive official Cisco congratulations email. Cisco CCNA certification validity period is 3 years from the earned date.


It is recommended to have prior fundamental experience with networks and Cisco equipment. Foundational Network skills are recommended as a solid foundation to build on but are not mandatory.

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As preparation for the exam, Cisco officially recommends CCNA Virtual Labs for Exam, CCNA Private Group Training, eLearning, CCNA study materials, Self-Paced Training, CCNA Study Guides, CCNA video trainings, Instructor-Led Training and Virtual instructor-led training.

Online courses, instructor-led training courses, and Third-party training courses are available to support learning, but THEY ARE NOT MANDATORY. CertWizard is offering you a Guaranteed CCNA exam pass without study or training!
Cisco assumes an average candidate who takes CCNA training and exam should know:

  • Identify the components of a computer network and describe their basic characteristics
  • Understand the model of host-to-host communication
  • Describe the features and functions of the Cisco Internetwork Operating System (IOS®) software
  • Describe LANs and the role of switches within LANs
  • Describe Ethernet as the network access layer of TCP/IP and describe the operation of switches
  • Install a switch and perform the initial configuration
  • Describe the TCP/IP Internet layer, IPv4, its addressing scheme, and subnetting
  • Describe the TCP/IP Transport layer and Application layer
  • Explore functions of routing
  • Implement basic configuration on a Cisco router
  • Explain host-to-host communications across switches and routers
  • Identify and resolve common switched network issues and common problems associated with IPv4 addressing
  • Describe IPv6 main features and addresses, and configure and verify basic IPv6 connectivity
  • Describe the operation, benefits, and limitations of static routing
  • Describe, implement, and verify Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) and trunks
  • Describe the application and configuration of inter-VLAN routing
  • Explain the basics of dynamic routing protocols and describe components and terms of Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
  • Explain how Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) work
  • Configure link aggregation using EtherChannel
  • Describe the purpose of Layer 3 redundancy protocols
  • Describe basic WAN and VPN concepts
  • Describe the operation of Access Control Lists (ACLs) and their applications in the network
  • Configure Internet access using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) clients and explain and configure Network Address Translation (NAT) on Cisco routers
  • Describe basic Quality of Service (QoS) concepts
  • Describe the concepts of wireless networks, which types of wireless networks can be built, and how to use Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs)
  • Describe network and device architectures and introduce virtualization
  • Introduce the concept of network programmability and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and describe smart network management solutions such as Cisco DNA Center™, Software-Defined Access (SD-Access), and Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)
  • Configure basic IOS system monitoring tools
  • Describe the management of Cisco devices
  • Describe the current security threat landscape
  • Describe threat defense technologies
  • Implement a basic security configuration of the device management plane
  • Implement basic steps to harden network devices

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Cisco CCNA Instructor-led training price depends on the country. In most Western world counties, the price varies from $1000 - $2499 for Virtual Classroom Training. The price of the Physical or Private classroom training with all the additional costs can be even higher.

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200-301 exam registration cost is 300 USD + tax. What to expect from the exam? 200-301 exam duration is 120 minutes. 

CCNAexam has up to 120 Multiple Choice Questions, performance-based lab questions (single and multiple response), drag and drop. Cisco CCNA passing score is 825 out of 1000 or 82 percent.

What is Cisco CCNA certification validity period?
Cisco CCNA certification is VALID FOR THREE YEARS from the date you pass your second CCNA certification exam.
All Cisco certifications are valid for 3 years.

The Cisco's Continuing Education CE program allows you to extend your certification in three-year intervals through activities related to your certification's content. Including getting higher certifications.

Cisco CCNA registration fee + CertWizard exam passing service are all calculated in the FINAL price. There are no hidden costs.

To renew your Cisco CCNA certification. Passing a CCNA exam again or earning 30 continuing education credits is needed.
The CCNA price can be different based on the country where the exam is scheduled. The CCNA exam cost is included in our Cisco CCNA exam passing assistance.

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What are Cisco CCNA Top Job Titles in the United States?
Cisco CCNA certification qualifies you for network field technician and network administrator jobs. Having a Cisco CCNA certificate makes a great first impression when looking for job titles like:

  • Entry level network engineer
  • Help desk technician
  • Network administrator
  • Network support technician

Top Cisco CCNA job locations in the United States are:

  • Washington, DC
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Sierra Vista, AZ
  • Orlando, FL
  • Chicago, IL
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Germantown, MD
  • San Diego, CA
  • Herndon, VA
  • New York, NY

Study shows that 96% of HR managers use IT certifications as screening or hiring criteria during recruitment. Cisco certification is the most respected name in the IT certification world. We can help you get the desired Cisco exam in just 3 days.

A Network administrator has the following responsibilities:

  • Install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot network devices such as routers, switches, firewalls, VPNs, wireless access points, etc.
  • Troubleshoot networking problems
  • Perform basic security functions such as firewall configuration, intrusion detection/prevention, packet filtering, content inspection, and anti-virus scanning
  • Provide technical support for network users
  • Analyze network traffic to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities
  • Understand the purpose and functionality of various network devices, including hardware and software components
  • Identify and resolve common network issues by using appropriate tools and techniques
  • Configure and install new equipment in an organization’s network infrastructure
  • Maintain existing network services
  • Manage network security policies
  • Implement and enforce acceptable use policies
  • Monitor and control user access to network resources
  • Ensure compliance with organizational standards and regulations
  • Evaluate network designs and provide recommendations for improvement
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan
  • Design and develop effective backup procedures
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute physical site surveys
  • Assess and document network requirements.

Depending on the company's size, some systems administrator activities may overlap with the company's network administrator. 

While a network administrator’s primary focus is the company’s servers and network, a systems administrator primarily focuses on other working parts of the IT system, including the computers themselves and software. 

IMPORTANT TO MENTION, Cisco CCNA is compliant with ISO 17024 standards and approved by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to meet directive 8140/8570 requirements.


Want a higher salary? Cisco certifications are one of the hottest and best-paid certifications out there right now! 

When researching salaries and aiming your career at specific job titles, remember that you may see a range of wages for one job because some companies and some geographies will pay more than others. Companies that pay more may also demand more in terms of experience or responsibilities.

Is the Cisco CCNA certificate worth it? According to the Salary report, the average CCNA salary in the USA is $80,000 per year or $41.03 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $64,188 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $114,121 per year.

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To get a better visual perspective of IT certifications and where the Cisco CCNA certificate fits in, you can download and share our:
•    Cisco IT certification roadmap 2022

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