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Design Certifications from Juniper are some of the newest ones from the vendor, but have established themselves in a solid manner. This is why the demand of Juniper Design Credentials is always at a boom.

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Design Track Price (USD)Seprate PaymentApply
Juniper Networks Certified Design Associate (JNCDA)
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Juniper Networks Certified Design Specialist, Data Center (JNCDS-DC)
JN0-1300 *Prerequisites : JNCDA
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Juniper Design Certifications: The Newest Sensations In Design Industry

With an immense success in the networking field, Juniper has recently updated its track to provide certifications in the design field as well. These credentials are said to be one of the new additions in its credential portfolio and verify the understanding of an individual with respect to network design basics.

The design track of Juniper contains a set of two certifications and these are classified according to the level of skills of an individual. These certifications are:

1. JNCDA or Juniper Networks Design Associate
2. JNCDS or Juniper Networks Certified Design Specialist
Out of these, the specialist track could be further subdivided into two tracks namely
3. Juniper Networks Certified Design Specialist -WAN (popularly known as WAN)
4. Juniper Networks Certified Design Specialist –DC (which could also be termed as Data Center exam

If we talk of the exams, JNCDA or Juniper Networks Design Associate is more of an associate or entry-level certification exam that focuses majorly on validating the knowledge of the individual with regards to the fundamentals in designing a network.

With this credential in hand, the candidate is said to possess the elementary knowledge regarding the network design and could handle well the preliminary troubles arising with respect to the same.
JNCDA certification is an essential requirement for an individual if he or she wishes to crack either the JNCDS-WAN or JNCDS-DC certifications. Juniper Networks Design Associate examination is a single assessment with the code JN0-1100, which has 65 questions and these are to be cleared within 90 minutes. Also, the JNCDA exam is controlled by Pearson VUE.

Moving further up, the design professionals could also opt one among the JNCDS-WAN credential and JNCDS-Data Center Credential. The exams to these credentials could test the elementary knowledge that the individual has gained with his or her JNCDA certification.

These intermediate credentials target the best of practices, design principles of network and theory that is focused either towards the data center or WAN. Both the exams have a set of 65 questions to be answered and this are to be dealt in a predetermined time limit of 90 minutes.

Thus design certifications from Juniper could certainly offer you the elementary and well as superlative knowledge with regards to designing of networks.

Lately, the trend to obtain the Juniper Design Certifications has viewed a major ascend. This is due to the fact that these design credentials are comparable to the design credentials offered by other global leaders in design field. And to set yourself apart from the immense crowd of professionals who are equally skilled as you, you ought to have solid credentials in your resume.

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