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At the beginner’s level, Juniper’s JNCIA certifications have been one of the most helpful credentials for IT aspirants. These certifications are globally-acclaimed and offer what the individuals deserve in their career.

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Juniper Networks Certified Associate - Junos (JNCIA-Junos)
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Juniper Networks Certified Associate E Series (JNCIA-E)
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Juniper JNCIA Certifications: Why The Credentials Are Always Promising Ones

The Juniper Networks Certified Associate Certification (JNCIA- which is nicknamed as Junos) is one of the first stepping stones, which is required for the other advanced certifications from Juniper. The ones that possess the certification are validated to possess knowledge of the Junos Operating System, fundamentals of the networking and preliminary routing and switching networks.

Juniper Certifications are offered at various levels, viz., Associate, Professional, Specialist and Expert. JNCIA is said to be the entry-level certification that makes you eligible for the other higher level ones.

While you are a candidate who is looking for newer career opportunities in the networking field, juniper certifications could certainly set you apart from the other non-certified professionals. The credential offers you immense career-growth opportunities, with effective approach towards Juniper Networks, Products and Services.

And in the world where Cisco’s CCNA Certification is known to be the uncrowned king in network certification courses, Juniper is steadily pacing to match steps with CCNA.

Of late, it has been found that Juniper is at par in success with the Cisco, which is due to the following reasons:

Juniper Has Sustained Speed:

The global leader Cisco has received much of a competition from Juniper due to its speed. Juniper’s speed is known to be its secret weapon that is slowly making a comparable presence in the market.
From its commencement, Juniper has maintained its routers with specific hardware that is engineered for hefty performance and low-latent routing. This has given them the extra edge in dragging loads of data though bigger ISP network.

Juniper Professionals Are Scanty:

In surveys, it has been found that candidates possessing Juniper Certifications are much harder to find than the other ones. According to, JNCIA almost certification is almost equivalent to CCNA, but a CCNA-certified individual takes about $63,000 per year while JNCIA-certified individual could get an average of $78,000 per year.

Juniper Means Rapidity, Simplicity And Agility:

The hardware of Juniper is built with the motto of sending data in a mechanized form and to the most appropriate place. This is achieved by making use of Application-Specific Integrated Circuits which are a form of electronic chips for heavy data lifting.

This means that the operating system used in Juniper routers are designed smartly and are simpler, more-flexible and modular to operate.

Software-Defined Networking With Juniper:

With the introduction to cloud computing and virtualization in IT, network engineers felt a bit down. However, the Software-Defined Networking paved the efficient future of the network engineers as well.

Juniper effectively makes use of Software-Defined Networks in its operating system and these networks are easier in configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting.

Thus, Juniper Certifications have clearly made their own sweet niche in the networking field, with JNCIA credential being the entry-level of these.

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