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The world of IT-networking is always ready to embrace the individuals that possess valid networking credentials. One of the most beneficial networking credentials are JNCSP from Juniper which also offer the most desirable job positions.

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Juniper JNCSP - Juniper Networks Certified Support Professional Price (USD)Seprate PaymentApply
Juniper Networks Certified Support Professional (JNCSP-ENT)
JN0-691 JN0-694 *Prerequisites : JNCIP-ENT
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Juniper Networks Certified Support Professional (JNCSP-SEC)
JN0-691 JN0-696 *Prerequisites : JNCIP-SEC
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Juniper Networks Certified Support Professional (JNCSP-SP)
JN0-691 JN0-692 *Prerequisites : JNCIP-SP
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JNCSP Credentials And The Most Prominent Tracks They Offer

The JNCP or Juniper Networks Certification Program has helped innumerable IT-related individuals who choose for a career in the networking field. These certification programs are one of the best career-benefitting options that even help the companies in building the best possible network.

Track of Juniper Network Certification Program:

Juniper Networks Certification Program is said to have various tracks which are categorized as career paths. All of these are based on Juniper Networks Technologies, their products and services, which include the following:

1. Routing and Switching in reference to Service Provider
2. Routing and Switching with respect to enterprises
3. JNCP Security
4. JNCP Support
5. JNCP Technology and Product
6. JNCP Design

Juniper JNCSP:

JNCSP stands for Juniper Networks Certified Support Professional and is one of the expert level certification programs for the professionals in IT. JNCSP certification could be in varied fields such as:


JNCSP-ENT is the certification that validates the enterprise routing and switching support traits in an individual. It helps in recognizing the most experienced networking professionals who are entitled to support high-level organization routing and switching technologies. These technologies are always in accordance with Junos Operating System and other Junos devices.

JNCSP-ENT certification obligates an individual to possess a valid JNCIP-ENT certification and it also requires passing two exams: Junos Troubleshooting and JNCSP-ENT support professional exam.


JNCSP-SEC is the acronym which stands for Juniper Network Certified Support Professional and is one and only credential in its category for the Security Support pathway. This is an intermediate level credential that validates the professionals who could troubleshoot the security troubles on the Juniper-based devices.

For the certification to be a boosting element of your resume, you require at least a JNCIP-SEC certification in your hand, which you could also call its prerequisite. Apart from this, you would also be required to pass a set of two exams: Juniper Troubleshooting (JN0-691) and JNCSP-SEC supporting professional exam (JN0-696)


JNCSP-SP or Juniper Networks Certified Support Professional is the lone certification in Routing and Switching Service Support Track. It validates the individuals that could troubleshoot the issues in Junos devices, with respect to routing and switching of service provider.

For achieving the JNCSP-SP certification, you are first required to have a valid JNCIP-SP certification with you and it also requires you to pass a duo of exams namely: Juniper Troubleshooting (JN0-691) and JNCSP-SP Support Professional exam (JN0-692).

Recently, the trend to obtain Juniper Certifications has seen an enormous rise and Juniper certifications are now comparable to other global leaders such as CompTIA, Microsoft and Cisco etc.

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