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Management is an obligatory concept, no matter which industry you step into. And when you are a Certified Manager, you already possess a validation of your knowledge, skills and experience in managing and enterprise.

But if you are aiming to get the GAQM Management Credentials, Cert Wizard could help you with all that it needs. While you demand for certifications, we offer you the following additional benefits:

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5. Please click the Name of Certifications given below to find out any additional information about the certificates
6. Please click ‘Application requirement’ link to check the Application Requirement for the Examinations.

Therefore, Cert Wizard promises to remove all the hurdles between you and your credential and you could obtain what you desire with minimal investment of time or money.

Management Certifications Price (USD)Seprate PaymentApply
Project Management Certifications
Apply Now
Associate in Project Management (APM)
1Apply Now
Professional in Project Management (PPM)
1Apply Now
Certified Project Director (CPD)
CPD-001 *Prerequisites : Vaild Professional in Project Management (PPM)
1Apply Now
Business Process and Management Certifications
Apply Now
Business Process Manager (BPM)
1Apply Now
Business Management Professional (BMP)
1Apply Now
Certified Business Analyst Foundation (CBAF)
1Apply Now
Certified Professional Business Analyst (CPBA)
1Apply Now
Data Centre Certifications
Apply Now
Certified Data Centre Professional (CDCP)
1Apply Now
Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS)
1Apply Now
Certified Data Centre Expert (CDCE)
CDCE-001 *Prerequisites : Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS)
1Apply Now
Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Manager (CDCFOM)
1Apply Now
Certified General Manager (CGM)
1Apply Now
Certified Sports Manager (CSM)
1Apply Now
Certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM)
1Apply Now
Certified Risk and Crisis Manager (CRCM)
1Apply Now
Certified Problem and Change Manager (CPCM)
1Apply Now
Certified Call Center Associate (CCCA)
1Apply Now
Certified Call Centre Manager (CCCM)
1Apply Now
Certified Finance Manager (CFM)
1Apply Now
Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM)
1Apply Now
Certified Team Leader (CTL)
1Apply Now
Certified Professional Supervisor (CPS)
1Apply Now
Certified Critical Thinking and Research Analyst (CCTRA)
1Apply Now
Certified Sales and Marketing Professional (CSMP)
1Apply Now
Certified Real Estate Manager (CREM)
1Apply Now

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Application Requirement

To apply for the exam, please provide the following information:

1. First Name:
2. Last Name:
3. Telephone number (with the country code):
4. Name of Certification and Its Test Code:
5. Two identification documents (Eg. Driving License or Passport):

Please email all this information to, and you will receive all the payment and installment information from us. 

After we receive the payment from you (for single exam, you need to pay full), we would complete your tests within 5 business days.

You could check the test result on GAQM Certification Website ( 

Steps to check the result: (url)

After the exam is cleared, you could release the next installment, till all the exams get cleared (while you opt for more than a single test).

Understanding Industrial Management And Its Advantages

Literally, there are many kinds of management certifications, which have their own fields of focus. It is the choice of an individual and his or her capability that makes them suitable for a particular management Certification.

And where do your require management?

Probably, almost everywhere! In each and every industry, whether it is IT, construction, Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Training and Consultancy etc. If you are a fresher and wish to pursue your career in a specific field of management, say Project management, you could earn a credential to your name.

For such individuals, the project management certification could be attained in three levels

1. Associate in Project management APM-001
2. Professional in Project management PPM-001
3. Certified Project Director CPD-001

Similarly, you could also obtain business process management and data center management certifications, which have their own distinct categories.

Advantages Of Being Management Certified:

Management Certifications have their own specific advantages which are as follows:

1. Management Credentials could lead to a striking rise in salary of an individual. According to a survey, US individuals who had management credentials received an average 16% more pay than their counterparts who did not have the credentials

2. With a management certification in your hand, you could contact the potential employers all across the globe. Even the past management certified professionals could be reached and you could also help the present management credential aspiring individuals through discussion boards and forums. This would help to sharpen your skills and knowledge.

3. According to a survey 80% of marvelous-performing projects use professionals with PMP certifications and it was also found in another survey that more than 35% project managers with PMP Certifications perform in a better manner.

4. The credential helps to increase your worth as a project management professional. It also gives you the edge to guide, direct and execute challenging projects.

5. With a management certification in your resume, you could easily showcase your managing skills all around the world.

6. The management Certification offers you the skills and in-depth knowledge to improve the organizational productivity and it also ensures the timely completion of a particular project.

7. Project management is a set of 5 skills together- initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing. The certification offers you proficiency in each and every of these skills, so that you could apply the best of processes while executing a particular project.

8. You are no more just any person out of the crowd. In fact, the credential means that you have standardized project management skills with appropriate certifications to prove your skills.
This is why the management credentials have turned to be the need of the hour for professionals of modern times.

And Cert Wizard understands the value of these certifications well. We at Cert Wizard help you to Pass GAQM Management Certifications without Exam or Training. We offer a 100 percent pass-guarantee, or we will refund your full sum of money. With Cert Wizard, you are always in safe hands for your certification needs.