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Let's be honest, we live in busy times. A top class certification like MCSA can do wonders for an IT professional. In fact, it is the real recipe for success. Holding a Microsoft certification can give you a definite edge over your colleagues, and peers. According to Microsoft, more than 85% of hiring teams indicate that they prefer the applicants with a proper IT certification.

You don't have the time to study for MCSA. No worries, that's what Cert Wizard is here for. We can get a certification within 1 week and help you pass MCSA without exam. That's true, Cert Wizard can act like a catalyst for your career. We can help you accelerate towards your goals. Just give us a chance and you'd be positively surprised.

The best thing that a Microsoft certification can do for you is to validate your experience in the Microsoft technology. Also, you become a member of (MCP) Microsoft certified professional community. The process is simple. Just select the right certification, clear it, demonstrate it on your CV, and eventually get hired in the IT industry.

Microsoft MCSA - Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Price (USD)Seprate PaymentApply
MCSA: Windows Server 2012
70-410 70-411 70-412
2Apply Now
MCSA: Windows Server 2008
70-640 70-642 70-646
2Apply Now
MCSA: Windows 8
70-687 70-688
2Apply Now
MCSA: Windows 7
70-680 70-685
2Apply Now
MCSA: SQL Server 2012
70-461 70-462 70-463
2Apply Now
MCSA: SQL Server 2008
70-432 70-448
2Apply Now
MCSA: Office 365
70-346 70-347
2Apply Now

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Application Requirement

To apply for the exam, please provide the following information:

1. First Name:
2. Last Name:
3. Telephone number (with the country code):
4. Name of Certification and Its Test Code:
5. Two identification documents (Eg. Driving License or Passport):

Please email all this information to , and you will receive all the payment and installment information from us. 

After we receive the payment from you (for single exam, you need to pay full), we would complete your tests within 5 business days.

You could check the test result on Microsoft Certification Website (

Steps to check the result: (url)

After the exam is cleared, you could release the next installment, till all the exams get cleared (while you opt for more than a single test).

What is MCSA? Is it different from MCSE?

MCSE and MCSA are 2 different credentials that actually lead up to two types of job in any IT organization. A person who qualifies with MCSE can design new networks from the ground up, whereas the MCSA certification is about managing existing Windows 2000 and .NET server networks.

You see, MCSA certification is something that you can acquire without on-job experience as well. Let's look at some advantages that only MCSA can offer:

1. It is a perfect certification for someone looking at a long-term window. The certification focuses on new age Internet TCP/IP networking standards used in Windows 2000 and also the .NET server products. Old systems, such as NetBIOS found in Windows NT, are completely de-emphasized in the new scheme of things.

2. The MCSA signals to the potential employers that the job applicant has sufficient knowledge to administer existing Windows 2000 and .NET TCP/IP networks. This is great news for the young professionals because it opens up many avenues for getting a job.

Why Microsoft certification?

Certifications can offer you a professional edge by providing globally recognised evidence of certain skills you are looking to demonstrate on your resume. It shows that you are well-versed with the new technologies and are looking to move further in your career.

In a world which is thriving with startups mushrooming in every corner, Microsoft technology is at center of everything. When you invest in a Microsoft certification, you send a strong signal to the hiring managers in various technology firms.

Helps you get hired

Microsoft certified IT employees are always considered a valuable asset for any organization. It is often seen that people who are serious enough to complete a certification, are usually more productive than the rest of the employees. It puts your CV right at the center of everything. You know, IT industry is all about perception. The Microsoft certification acquired by you will always show that you are more committed than any other candidate. This is all the more reason for you to invest in it.

The way we see it, MCSA is an industry standard that you simply can't ignore. We at Cert Wizard, will help you earn the elusive Microsoft certification in less than 1 week. Yes, you heard it right. This is our specialty and we're proud of it. For someone who is a student, or working another job, or simply wants to progress without wasting time, our services are a Godsend.

MCSA is a certification that requires a lot of study and then you need to take individual exams by dedicating a lot of time to each part of the process. If you or someone who can't wait for that long and is looking to pass MCSA without training, purchase one of our certification services and you're all set.