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The wireless networking industry is evolving at a fast rate. The professionals who create and maintain Wi-Fi networks, should be purposefully trained with top certifications on their CV. CWNP or certified wireless network professional certification is one such badge that is useful both for beginners and pros. It is an entry-level certification for professionals who manage networks or maintain wireless networks in any conventional networking environment.

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Get CWNP Certification Without Any Training or CWNP Exam

The certification is absolutely necessary for someone who is looking to create a successful career in the field of networking. In fact, it is even more useful for someone who is looking to establish their own Wi-Fi technology business. Irrespective of a recession or a boom, the Wi-Fi technology is all around us. This means someone who is trained well to handle the networking processes will never have to be dependent on mood or condition of the market. Achieving CWNP certification will make you invincible, and in fact irreplaceable at your job. You just need to pass the exam and you are all set. 

Now, is there a way you can pass CWNP without exam. Well, it is possible. That's the reason Cert Wizard exists. We help you get what you want with minimal effort.

And it is totally worth it. Once you attach a CWNP with your name, you will automatically become a part of an elite group of skilled professionals in the field of Wi-Fi networking technology. You've just elevated your social status as well.

As CWNP is vendor- neutral and not dependent on a particular vendor, the curriculum and learnings are considered to be universal in nature. Once you've acquired a CWNP certification, you can command global respect and will feel confident enough to apply for a job in a multinational organization. You can check with happy IT professionals in over 140 countries.

There can't be a single doubt about the importance of this badge. The CWNP program offers several certifications, starting with the 

1. CWTS or Certified Wireless Technology Specialist is a certification aimed at those who are new to the wireless environments.

2. CWNA or Certified Wireless Network Administrator is an administrator-level certification for the network staff who requires the understanding of concepts like Ethernet, and basic enterprise Wi-Fi security. In fact, there are many successful professionals who have built entire careers on the CWNA certificate alone.

3. CWSP is a certification that can help you advance your career by offering skills needed to secure wireless network from hackers.

4. Similarly we have other popular certifications like CWDP, CWAP, and CWNE.

As you can see, these certifications complete a wide spectrum for a professional. You have something for the beginner, the middle guy, and the advanced professional. 

The best part is, with Cert Wizard, you can get a certification in less than one week. You can pass CWNP without training. In almost 5 days, you can demonstrate your excellence in the field, which means you can get hired without any hassle. Choose a certification that you like and start with the process.