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ISEB Certifications And Their General Outline

ISEB is the popular acronym for Information Systems Examination Board which is now known as BCS Professional Certification. It began its services in the year 1990 and is a UK-based venture that provides professional software-related credentials to the individuals.

The Information Systems Examination Board certifications were originally developed to bring about an enhancement in the standard of proficiency and performance of IT individuals round the globe. These credentials focus on validating the skills of various kinds of IT professionals such as Software Developers, Project Managers, Technical Acceptance Tester, User Acceptance Tester, Testing Engineers, Testing Analysts, Testing Consultants and Quality Managers etc.

In fact, almost any kind of an IT professional, who wishes to validate his or her skills software development, could opt to get the credential and also get the desired edge to his or her career.

Goals of ISEB Certifications: 
ISEB Certifications are aimed to provide the following skills to the candidates:

1. Understanding the types of software errors, why it is necessary to test the software and the steps to perform the process effectively
2. The knowledge needed for identifying the phases and functions of formal review process, with the use of static techniques and software testing designs
3. The knowledge to evaluate the test case quality and creating effective test procedures with the test cases
4. The ability to write software test cases with due respect to the boundary value analysis and partitioning
5. The ability to understand the working of state transitions and decision tables in software testing
6. Creation of decision tables and evaluating its efficiency when you design software test cases
7. Creating a test plan and identifying the work of a test leader with regards to the factors that affect a test effort
8. Evaluation of test summary reports and selecting appropriate test control actions
9. Recognizing the risks and benefits of testing tools and integrating the tools into testing processes 
10. Ability to identify the risk, their extent and the method which could be used to handle them effectively 

Thus, ISEB certifications are aimed to acquire the overall skills which are in compliance with the present industry standards and using these skills according to the need of the organization you work with.

ISEB Certifications also offer an additional advantage to the seekers in terms of growth in their career, improvement in their work efficiency and also getting better pays than the non-certified individuals.

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