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Information technology infrastructure library or ITIL is reckoned as the vital practice which revolves around the alignment of IT services. What it does is, it provides a framework for delivering support, planning and identifying IT services to the key business functions of an IT organization. 

The ITIL certification helps an individual to understand the business view of an IT department’s functioning as well as understanding the wider aspects of how an IT organization functions. It also focusses on the ITIL service lifecycle, through the frameworks, which eventually helps an organization and the individual in wider aspects. This certificate even helps you in enhancing your competitiveness, if you are going in for:

1.    IT Service Management
2.    Service operation
3.    Business Analysis 
4.    Service Consultation
5.    Service Strategy and Design

A lot of emphasis is given on ITIL knowledge in this process, as it helps an individual in a handful number of ways like:

1.    Measuring IT service performance accurately
2.    Effectiveness of the streamlining data management
3.    Improved overall efficiency
4.    Improved response time
5.    Coordinated communication with the organization

Even, a lot of surveys show, that the ITIL certified professionals have a better chance of earning more salary than other certified professionals of other categories.


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Benefits of Having ITIL Certification, and How You Can Boost Your Career With it!

There are four (4) levels of ITIL certification, which are as follows:

1. ITIL Foundation
Under this foundation level, candidates are required to familiarize themselves with the standardized terminologies and ITIL Services Support’s general knowledge. Candidates are also made aware of ITIL’s use in the working environment and how it helps them in the process. 

2. ITIL Intermediate
ITIL Intermediate offers and allows candidates to choose from various types of educational modules, which can be done according to their own personal requirements. There are two sections of the module from which a candidate can choose the best one for himself:

Service Lifecycle: This module involves quite a high level of management focus, which is also made present across many ITIL processes and cycles.
Service Capability: The ITIL process which falls under this type of module provides enhanced and a much processed knowledge.

3. ITIL Expert
Under this level, a candidate is provided with required skills and knowledge, which are made vital in making the candidate understand the detailed ITIL framework. This level too, allows a candidate to choose from various types of modules, so it’s important to know this level’s subjects first, and then go about choosing the perfect module which suits a candidate’s requirements. 

4. ITIL Master
Known as the most professional level of ITIL certification, this level involves candidates who are under a higher level of planning, operations and management functions. The skills under this level is provided to the enrolled candidates through a lot of industry settings. ITIL master level, also gives way to the qualified candidates to showcase their knowledge in the shape of ITIL, to achieve the most desired/potential results. 
Some of the advantages of being ITIL certified:

1. Better and an improved pay.

If you happen to compare ITIL certification with other certifications, you’ll come across the most valuable point and that is the pay-rise. Not only will there be a hike in your salary - promotions will follow it too. A survey report on ITIL skilled professionals states that, an average ITIL certified program manager earns around $119,240 a year, which makes them the highest paid professionals in the IT sector. 

2. Builds a window to better organizations and roles.

With the rise of ITIL influence, the demand for ITIL certified professionals have increased on a larger scale, thus provides an edge to the certified candidates, as they can choose the roles and organization they want to work under, rather than wasting their precious years. 

3. ITIL Certified professionals’ growing demand.

As ITIL is tied closely to the ISO/IEC 20000 standards, it is suggested that the popularity of ITIL is not going to drop any time soon. So, professionals with ITIL certifications hold a much better chance than other certified professionals to get recognition. 

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