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The world of networking has already realized the worth of Juniper Certifications and many individuals are slowly realizing this too. This is why the Juniper Certifications have seen a rise in their demand since last couple of years.

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Do Juniper Certifications Really Offer You The Desired Edge?

When an individual wishes to deliver the best of his skills in IT, there could be no better asset than a valid IT credential to be possessed by him or her. These credentials have certainly turned out to be a means to obtain a better job, better monetary benefits and better growth in their career.

However, earning a certification is not at all an easy task. This is why you require choosing the best of credentials to earn, in order to solidify your knowledge and skills.

Professional certifications from Juniper are some of the world-recognized and industry-specific credentials that allow you to master a particular field in IT. Not only the beginners, even the experienced professionals are always seeking such credentials to get a better advantage in their career.

Juniper offers world-class credentials at various levels, viz. Associate, Specialist, Professional and Expert Levels. Let us look at the various kinds of certifications that are provided by vendor.

Different Types Of Juniper Certifications:

Juniper offers various fields in its certification track which are as follows:

Juniper JNCIA Certification (Junos Certification):

The JNCIA certification from Juniper itself consists of many tracks such as:

1. Junos Security Track
2. Junos Product and Technology certification
3. Junos Security Support Track
4. Junos Enterprise Routing and Switching Track
5. Junos Service Provider Routing and Switching Track

Juniper JNCP Certifications:

1. Juniper Design Certifications
2. Juniper Network Training and Resources Certification

Amongst these, the candidate has the choice to opt for a particular field and get the desired Juniper credential according to his or her choice.

Why Organizations prefer Juniper-Certified individuals:

Cisco was said to be the uncrowned king in offering network-related credentials. However, while Juniper entered the market, much of the population shifted towards obtaining the credentials from Juniper. This is due to the fact that Juniper earned a huge respect in a very short time and offers globally-acclaimed credentials which could be obtained more easily.

Juniper Certifications have several other advantages too, such as:

1. Juniper is always associated with speed, agility and simplicity. Therefore the individuals with such credentials are trained to work according to the needs of the organization.
2. Juniper means Software-Defined Networking. This means that the individuals who possess these credentials are always able to cope with the changes in software and work according it.
3. Juniper-Certified individuals are very scarce in number. Therefore, while you obtain the certification, you have better chances of working with organizations that obligate these certifications.
4. No wonder, the monetary benefits, career-growth chances and other rewards are also definite while you obtain these credentials.

And as mentioned before, Juniper Certifications could be tough to crack. But not when you trust us at Cert Wizard. We allow you to Pass Juniper Certification without Taking Exam Or Training within 5 business days for a stipulated charge. Otherwise we will return your entire sum of money back.

Also the credential would be delivered to your doorsteps and you could enter the world of IT with this as your new weapon to beat the obstacles.