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Cert Wizard is a fully developed platform that makes it easy to accept payments for the services you've chosen. Each one of these payment solutions is:

•    Trusted and secure
•    Easy and quick
•    Completely fraud free with latest technological safeguards

We offer multiple online payment solutions. 

            Multiple Payment Solutions

 Payment Solutions Transaction Fee
Major credit or debit cards 7% charge
Skirll 2% charge
Western Union No Charge
MoneyGram   No Charge
Bank Wire Transfer No Charge No Charge


Along with this, there are several payment packages you can choose from. For the sake of understanding, let's divide them into 2 broad categories:

#1 Break your payment into easy installments or pay in one go

This is an easy option. Once you choose the certification, you can decide whether you would like to make the payment in full or divide the payment in equal instalments.

Let's take an example here. The MCSE 2003 certification is divided among eight categories. That means there would be 8 exams in total. These are the flexible payment options that you have:

1.    You can make the payment for the complete package in one go. For example, for a certification which has 5 exams in total (each exam worth $1000), just make the payment of $5000 and get the certification under your name, within a week. It is as straightforward as it gets. Let's take another example, MCSE Server Infrastructure has 5 exams, where fee for 1 exam is USD$1000
Total fee USD$1000 x 5 = USD$5000

2.    You can break the payment into 4 parts, paying two at a time. For example, for MCSE 2003 certification, you can break the payment into 4 parts. This means, if you're looking to clear only two exams the amount of payment will be:
USD$2000 (2 exams, Exam1 and Exam2)

3.    You can even make the for each individual exam. This means that you can make payments for the complete MCSE 2003 certification in 8 different instalments. For example, if you're looking to earn just one certification you can pay for one exam where the amount of payment will be:
USD$1000 (1 Exam )


This is a flexible payment option that is used by most of our customers who are looking to divide their payment for convenience. Also, having your own payment plan makes it really easy on your pocket.

#2 Partial payment for the certification

If the exam fee is equal or more than $2000, you can pay 70% of total amount as a deposit. Once you're done, you will receive 2 codes for checking your exam result on (an independent website that serves test owners and takers in nearly every industry). Once you're done checking a result, you can make the payment for the rest of the amount.

Let's consider an example here.

The cost of CASP (CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner) exam is $2200 approximately.

Step 1
You make the payment for the first instalment (70% *2200) = $1540

Step 2
After checking the result, you make the payment for the rest of the amount = $660

*This option of partial payment is only valid if the fee for the exam is more than $2000.
**You must pay the whole amount within 3 business days after the results of the certification exam are released on
***Avoid late payments, as they are subject to additional service charge.


You might feel little jittery when the certification is pricey. With the help of partial payment system, you can make payment for a far lesser amount. Once you see that the certification is already cleared under your name, make the payment for the rest of the amount. It's easy and convenient.

Note: In fact, if you have any queries regarding payment information, contact us and we will help you with a solution.