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All right. So you're convinced about getting an IT certification from a proxy IT test taking services company. Honestly, you made the right decision. Not only will you save a great amount of time, effort and money on this, it will turn out to be one of the better long-term decisions that you take in your career.

This is a move that will reap the benefits, right away.

But, before you choose a test taking company to get you the certificates, it's important to verify their credentials and check if they stand out with the following features:

1. They should accept multiple, and trustworthy payment solutions with the ability to handle the payment rollback scenarios.
2. No successful testimonials or cases are shown on their website. We can assure you that only the fraud ones will do that.
3. For checking the results, the company should provide accounts on official, and trustworthy websites like Prometric and Vue.
4. If you compare the prices with their competitors, the price difference should not vary more than 20%.

When it comes to getting an authorized IT certification at the earliest, Cert Wizard is an undisputed industry leader. And we really like talking about your concerns and doubts before you choose our services.

That's why, based on interaction with our successful candidates, please find the list of possible concerns that you might have.

How can you believe that our services are real?

Cert Wizard is a top listed website. We request you to take a look at our payments page. You can clearly see that we accept almost every mode of payment. In other words, we only accept money through global payment solutions. Whether it's Western Union, Moneygram, or PayPal, each one of them is a trustworthy and an accountable organization. 

The way an IT solutions provider accepts money says a lot about the foundation of their business. Please note that location for our payment collection is not in China, India or Pakistan. No offense, but these are some of the countries where most frauds happen.

How can you guarantee that my exam results will never be revoked by the certification issuers?

This is where any other IT exam substituting company fails to deliver. We at Cert Wizard know the correct procedures of certification issuers like Microsoft and Cisco. Also, we are aware of the common mistakes committed by our competitors. We learn from their inexperience.

The biggest mistake other IT exam substituting companies make is to apply the 'Braindump' technique. According to this, when the exam is been conducted under your name, the model answers are written on your sheet (along with similar answers written on another customer's sheet as well). 

Now the problem here is that many candidates are going for same exams in the same center. This sends an alarm to certification issuer, wherein they can easily detect a lot of plagiarism. As a result, this would be considered cheating and the certification for most of the candidates will be revoked. 

At Cert Wizard, we've never used the 'Braindump' technique. We keep a strict control in managing the ratios of exam centers and clients. This is just one of the examples that make us the industry leader. We can proudly say that none of the certifications provided by us have so far been revoked.

I'm ready to go forward with this. However, why are your listed prices comparatively higher than other companies?
We believe in improving our services all the time. As mentioned earlier, we are always learning new methods to offer the certifications as soon as possible. In short, we believe in investing in our resources. 

If you compare this with some of the other IT certification takers, they will probably attract you with a lower service charge. However, as they have no resources to assure you results on time, you are placed at a high risk to lose every penny you've put in.

Just to give you an example, some of these companies would get a free exam done in your name and will provide you a certificate from the issuer. The problem is, the exam was conducted for free as a result of a 'crack exam voucher'. This means, after 3 to 6 months of getting certified, sites like Prometric or Vue will know about the discrepancy and your certification would be revoked.

That is what makes us different. We don't believe in using doubtful methods that could lead to long-term problems for our client. Since we invest in our resources all the time, the payment fee is slightly higher than the competition.
What you get in return is quick delivery, better ROI, and peace of mind.

I see a lot of websites in your industry designed in a similar way. Are they your partners?

As we are a leading IT exam services company, there are many who are trying to copy our website content, design and the layout. Cert Wizard is not related to any of these companies. We have absolutely no relationship with them.
As they say, 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery', this is one more reason for our perspective customers to support us and invest in our originality.

Is there a way I could get my hands on a testimonial, or a successful case from a client? I'd like to get a preview?

In an industry like ours, the official copy of all certifications will be delivered directly to you on your mailing address. We will just offer the services up to 'checking your results'. This is our way of showing that we've delivered on our promises. We do not collect any certifications on your behalf. As we don't believe in keeping private data of our customers, we don't like to show a testimonial under their name.

If there is a company which is showing you a testimonial or a successful case study, there is a high probability that what they do is fake. The so-called successful cases are most probably downloaded from the Internet. Please don't fall for them. 

Why don't you show the certificates that your clients have received?

As mentioned in the last answer, the personal information and the service records of all our clients are strictly confidential in nature. This is the type of data that only belongs to them. Once the exam is completed, the information will be immediately removed from our systems.

I'm sure you can understand that nobody is willing to share their personal information or exam records over the Internet. We respect the privacy of our customers and will continue to do so.

I don't think you have a deposit policy? Why don't you implement it?

I'm sure you've already noticed that we are a legitimate company that spends a lot of our money on the salary of our lecturers, advertisement, and regular administrative expenses. We believe in high standards of customer service and try to improve all the time.

I'm sure it's not difficult to understand that if our clients don't pay on time or they cancel their exam, it will cause a lot of financial damage to our organization. That's why we don't have a practice of collecting a deposit from our clients. It simply doesn't work.

Whereas, if you compare this with one of the many fraud companies around, you can easily see that they accept the deposit payments to their fake bank accounts somewhere in China, India or Africa. These are the untrustworthy companies that will issue:

Fake scorecard - You will get a virtual scorecard, and will be requested to check your results on a virtual (read fake) website. You will be told to wait for the certification to get delivered on your address. In most cases, the certifications would not reach for several weeks and you would not be able to see your records on websites of certification issuers like Microsoft or Cisco.

Pending cases can lead to anything - Once you have your fake scorecard, fraud companies would let you check a pending exam record on the certification issuer's website. Now, this is a big problem. Once you've made the payment, there's a high chance that your exam record is cancelled. As you can see, it's a fraud.

Changing personal information - Let us give you an example of another prevalent fraud from the companies which accept deposits. They will use the name of another certification holder and tell you to change it to your original name once you receive the certification. We would like to categorically state that certifications are only issued in one person's name. The certification issuers do not offer any provision where you can change 'your name' at a later stage.

These are some of the prominent examples of common frauds that have happened in the industry. We can assure you that you can't trust a company that is happy to accept a deposit. That is not a correct practice and you should avoid falling for that.

These were the 7 most common queries that most of our customers are concerned about. If you have a question that is not in the list. Do not hesitate to contact us directly and we'll be happy to offer a solution for you.