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Pass Cisco CCDA Certification Without Taking Exam Or Training

The CCDA Certification from Cisco has been one of the most desirable credentials in the recent times due to the fact that individuals could occupy many lucrative job roles after obtaining it.

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The CCDA Certification And An Overview Of What It Covers

The CCDA or Cisco Certified Design Associate Certification is an entry-level credential that measures the knowledge and skills in an individual, which are required to design secure Cisco networks. It could encompass the design topics from many other networking areas as well.

The certification also covers the basic understanding of the subject matter which relates to voice, security, wireless, routing and switching etc. topics. It could well offer the knowledge to operate and deploy Cisco technologies, all through the life-cycle of a network.

Thus, CCDA Certification is one of the primary requirements when an individual, either a newbie or a professional, wishes to secure a lucrative career as a network engineer or a network designer.

CCDA Certification Exam And What It Offers You:

To earn a CCDA Certification, a candidate requires clearing a single Exam 200-310 (DESGN) which is related to Designing of Cisco Internetwork Solutions. The exam is of duration 75 minutes and could contain a maximum of 65 questions. Though there is no obligatory prerequisite for the exam, the candidate could opt for a Cisco CCNA, CCENT or CCIE certification first before taking the CCDA exam.

The CCDA certified individuals are said to possess some unique qualities which are as follows:

1. Designing of a secure data center and other elements such as wireless networks and voice networks in a enterprise environment
2. The basic understanding of the methodologies and tools which are used for designing of a computer network and describing these when required
3. The understanding of network structures, modular nature and hierarchy in the current IT networks
4. Making use of the most appropriate network virtualization tools for implementing the enterprise data centers
5. The knowledge to develop IP addressing for active computer networks in an enterprise
6. The development of routing protocols
7. The designing of efficient network services while mitigating the vulnerabilities in the network security.
8. The basic identification of business needs and designing of Remote Network Modules and Cisco Enterprise Edge

Thus, Cisco CCDA Certification is a complete package which offers you immense capability to fill job roles of network designing professional. To attain the credential, you are required to take the exam which deals in all the above topics.

Due to this, it is not at all an easy task to clear Cisco CCDA Certification and it could require a considerable training with the help of specific study material.

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