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Every Networking professional has some or the other beginning point, and if your networking-career begins well, you could always anticipate a golden future ahead. This good start to your networking career could be offered by Cisco CCENT Certification.

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Cisco CCENT Certifications And Their Efficiency In Kick-Starting Your Career

Cisco Certifications are among the top-rated credentials in the world and while you are a newbie who wishes to commence with his or her IT-networking career, there could be no better credential than CCENT certification.

CCENT stands for Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician certification and it incorporates all the basic knowledge of computer networking. The individuals who are CCENT certified are able to comprehend the networking topics well. For instance, topics such as security of network and mitigating the vulnerabilities, Switched and routed networks and IP addressing etc. could be understood well by them. These individuals are also proficient in installing, operating, configuring and troubleshooting of networks for small organizations.

CCENT certification requires you to pass a single exam ICND1, which stands for Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1 and it is also a step towards earning the other higher-level Cisco certifications.

This implies that passing a Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician Certification would serve as a stepping stone and help you to pass other popular certifications such as CCNA and CCNP etc. Though, Cisco does not end with this and there are hoards of Master and Expert level credentials too, waiting to be a part of your resume.

When You Possess Cisco CCENT Certification:

While you clear the ICND1 exam and possess a Cisco CCENT Certification, you would be validated to possess the following skills:

1. The ability of connecting, verifying and configuring the status of operation in a network device interface
2. The ability to configure the addressing schemes in IP and IP services for a relatively small organization
3. The implementation of smaller routed networks and the basic understanding of operating Cisco Routers
4. Implementing switched networks of smaller versions and describing the work of Cisco switches
5. The ability to describe the working of data networks and how each of the network devices works
6. The ability to describe the administrative tasks and also to select the most appropriate one, as required for WLAN
7. The ability to detect the security threats and vulnerabilities in a network and explaining the methods which could help to mitigate the threat
8. The ability to verify and implement Wide Area Network links and explaining the procedure for connecting to a Wide Area Network

Thus, the CCENT Certification is a perfect starting point for an individual who wishes to achieve success in his or her networking career. It is a credential that offers you immense monetary benefits, career growth chances and serves as a gateway to reach the other certifications too.

And the only hurdle between you and your certification is the ICND1 exam which is not an easy one to crack.

However, you could always rely on CertWizard for all your certification needs and we would help you to Pass Cisco CCENT Certification without Taking Exam or Training. The certification would be delivered right to your doorsteps and this would be the credential that offers you an edge when you wish to be a networking professional in future.