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Seperate Payment:

Cisco is USD$2000/test, for full packages, it is USD$4000

1. 640-911 USD$2000

2. 640-916 USD$2000

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Cisco CCNA Data Center Certification And Its Essentials 

Data Center Networking is one of the upcoming fields in networking which offer many lucrative roles to the individuals. This is why there has been a fair ascend in the demand of professionals with Data Center Certifications.
The CCNA Data Center Certification from Cisco is one of the globally-acclaimed credentials which individuals in networking field aspire. As it is a well recognized fact that data centers require an efficient dexterity and these are devised for haste application deployment, the role of CCNA Certifications possessed by an individual increases manifolds.
The credentials are designed to offer you an appropriate ability and agility that is needed in installing, configuring and controlling the data center technology. With this, you could also aim to gain a considerable knowledge in data center networking technology and its basic concepts, data center infrastructure, storage networks, Unified Computing, data center automation, network virtualization and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) in Cisco. 
The CCNA Data Center Exams: 
To clear the CCNA Data center Certification, you would be required to pass a set of exams which are as follows:
Exam 200-150 DCICN: The Introduction To Cisco Data Center Networking
DCICN is the first examination that encompasses the preliminary skills and knowledge of in individual with respect to network protocols, the concepts of data center networks and technologies, host to host communication, storage networking in data center and the architecture of Cisco Unified Computing System. 
Exam 200-155 DCICT: The Introduction To Cisco Data Center Networking Technologies 
The DCICT exam encompasses the foundational knowledge of an individual with respect to the advanced level topics such as unified computing, network virtualization, data center automation and Cisco ACI or Application Centric Infrastructure etc.
Thus, the certification exams could test the in-depth knowledge and skills in an individual, while they wish to obtain the CCNA Data Center Certification. These certifications are valid only for a period of three years and before they expire, you need to recertify yourself to continue with their benefits. 
And for the fact that the certification exams could be a hard nut to crack, Cisco offers innumerable learning resources to provide you study materials and trainings to achieve success in your exams. There are many private university-based learning programs too that help you attain success in your CCNA Data Center Certification.
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