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Even the industries are up, demanding for individuals that are suitably certified and could handle the IT responsibilities well in a particular industry. Under such circumstances, an Industrial Certification from Cisco is what could serve a perfect starting point for an individual. 
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CCNA Industrial
200-601 *Prerequisite: IMINS or CCENT or CCNA R&S
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The Basics Of Cisco CCNA Industrial Certifications

IT individuals always aim to work in the quietest of aesthetics with least of disturbances. However, there are various industrial jobs and positions too that demand IT individuals and offer many lucrative roles. 
These industries include metal-processing industries and oil and gas industries etc. Some of these industries may even demand for professional credentials in industrial networking and candidates who possess these credentials have better chances of earning a fruitful industrial networking job.
For past many years, Cisco has been the undisputed leader in providing industrial networking certifications which are valued all over the globe. The CCNA Industrial Certification is the associate level one in the series and is extremely beneficial for the candidates. 
The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Industrial certification is aimed towards some prominent job roles such as control system engineering, plant administration and network engineering etc. The certification is basically a unification of Information Technology and Industrial Networks. It directs the manufacturing and process controlling in industries such as oil and gas industry etc. 
The credential offers the imperative skills of implementing and troubleshooting the common protocols with respect to industrial standards. It also leverages the best of practices that are needed for controlling the modern networks in changing technological world. 
CCNA Industrial Certification also aims at combining the theoretical knowledge with the practical and with the curriculum, you would be able to face the real-life troubles which the individuals generally face in the industry. 
Thus, CCNA industrial Certification from Cisco provides you an efficient amalgamation of knowledge with respect to both, the theoretical and the real world. 
CCNA Industrial Certification Exam: 
To clear the CCNA Industrial certification, a candidate is required to clear a single exam 200-601: IMINS2, which covers management of Industrial Networks and Manufacturing with the help of Cisco Technologies. 
The course for the exam covers the skills in designing, configuring and troubleshooting networked industrial products and the solutions. 
However, before you opt for the certification, you are required to clear Exam 200-401 which is related to the management of Industrial Networks with Cisco Networking Technologies. You could also possess CCNA Routing and Switching or CCENT Certification to aim for the CCNA Industrial Certification. 
Cisco offers hoards of learning resources, study materials and online courses that help you to get training in clearing the exam. This is one of the proofs that the exams could be extremely tough to handle. 
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