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The Service Provider Industry has always come up with many lucrative roles for the networking professionals, and most of these are bagged by individuals that have specific networking credentials in their resume. 

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Seperate Payment:

Cisco is USD$2000/test, for full packages, it is USD$4000

1. 640-875 USD$2000

2. 640-878 USD$2000

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Application Requirement

To apply for the Cisco certification exam, please provide us the following information:

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On the end of the Cisco certification process you will receive: 
Your Cisco certification login details, Cisco certificate, certification transcript, IT certification digital badge from Acclaim ( 

CCNA Service Provider Certification And What It Offers

The CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate Certifications are basically aimed towards the entry-level networking individuals. However, even the working professionals of today desire to attain these credentials in their resume for a better growth in their career. 

The Service Provider Certification of CCNA is one among the prominent credentials and is for the individuals who concentrate on imbibing the latest networking trends and technology in core Service Provider Industries. These professionals could either be networking technicians, network engineers or designers in the Service Provider industry. 

CCNA Service provider Certification also offers a considerable proficiency in deploying, maintaining and improving the network infrastructures. 

Let us go through the prominent topics which the certification could cover.

The CCNA Service Provider Certification covers some basic networking fields such and offers skills as follows:

1. Basic understanding of the TCP/IP Transport Layers
2. Ability of connecting to an Ethernet LAN
3. Managing the IP Address
4. Making use of the Switched LAN Technology
5. Understanding the Security of Cisco Routers
6. Configuration of the Basic Routing
7. The WAN internet connection and the its basic enabling efficiency
8. Collecting Device Data
9. Basic understanding of the Cisco IP NGN Architecture
10. Implementation of VLANs and Trunks
11. Managing configuration using the Cisco IOS XR Software

CCNA Service Provider Exams: 
To clear the Cisco CCNA Service Provider Certification, a candidate is required to clear a set of exams which are as follows:

1. Exam 640-875 (SPNGN1)
2. Exam 640-878 (SPNGN2)

Both these exams concentrate towards building of networks with respect to Cisco Service Provider of the Next-Generation. 
CCNA Service provider certification requires no kind of previous certification to be possessed by the candidate, or any kind of obligatory or recommended experience. 

However, better said than done, these exams are not the easiest to obtain and require a meticulous effort, dedication and labor from the aspiring candidate. This also includes the rigorous training which the candidate needs to undergo in order to obtain the credential. 

Cisco itself provides hoards of training programs where you could get all the self-study material, examination schedules, previous year papers and other requirements in detail. You could even opt for many university-based learning programs that provide immense assistance in providing you the required training for the certification exam. 

However, if you do not wish to inculcate any of these steps to get a certification, you could take the services of CertWizard. We at CertWizard help you to Pass Cisco CCNA Service Provider Certification without Taking Exam or Training and this is done within 5 business days for a stipulated charge. Else, we would return your full sum of money back. 

Thus CertWizard provides you all the assistance which is required to get the required credential and that too with least of expenditure, time-investment and without even moving an inch out of your house for anything.