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When you name the top few brands that are associated with cloud computing, you could never miss the name of Citrix. Citrix is also a prominent name in providing world-class IT credentials that are desired much by the newbie and even the professionals.

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Citrix Certification Price (USD)Seprate PaymentApply
Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions
1Apply Now
Managing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions
1Apply Now
Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10 for App and Desktop Solutions
1Apply Now
Implementing Citrix NetScaler 10.5 for App and Desktop Solutions
1Apply Now
Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions
1Apply Now
Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions
1Apply Now
Citrix NetScaler 10 Essentials and Networking
1Apply Now
Citrix NetScaler 10.5 Essentials and Networking
1Apply Now
Designing, Deploying and Managing Citrix XenMobile Solutions
1Apply Now
Designing, Deploying and Managing Citrix XenMobile 10 Enterprise Solutions
1Apply Now
1Y0-400 Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7 Solutions
1Apply Now
Designing Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions
1Apply Now
Implementing Citrix XenDesktop 4
1Apply Now
Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration
1Apply Now
Basic Administration for Citrix NetScaler 9.2
1Apply Now
Citrix XenApp 6.5 Advanced Administration
1Apply Now
Citrix XenServer 6.0 Administration
1Apply Now

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The Prominent And Most Rewarding Certifications From Citrix

Citrix is said to be one of the pioneers in cloud-computing which also offer solutions regarding cloud networking, collaboration, mobility, data sharing and desktop virtualization etc.  All of these solutions help the users to work accurately in a secure environment from any place and on almost all kinds of devices. 

When they were devised, Citrix Certifications were purely application-based. However, the present Citrix certifications are more of solution-based in nature, which portray the true needs of an organization or even an IT-related professional. 
The certifications cover three major portions which are:

1. Citrix App and Desktop Virtualization Certification 
2. Citrix Networking Certification and
3. Citrix Enterprise Mobility Management Certification 

These certifications could be obtained a various levels, according to the capability of an individual. Let us look at these certifications in brief:

Citrix App and Desktop Virtualization Certification:
The virtualization certification from Citrix is divided into three major categories namely:
1. Citrix Certified Associate in Virtualization 
2. Citrix Certified Professional in Virtualization 
3. Citrix Certified Expert in Virtualization 

The virtualization certifications from Citrix are said to be the steps of a ladder, where the fresher could start with an Associate Certification and end up earning an Expert credential. 

The virtualization certifications from Citrix have a validity period of 3 years from their obtain date. In case there is a release of a new exam during the period, you would be required to pass the most recent exam before you previous certification gets expired. 

Citrix Networking Certifications:  
Citrix Networking Certifications are also subdivided into three major categories:
1. Citrix Certified Associate in Networking
2. Citrix Certified Professional in Networking 
3. Citrix NetScaler Certification (CC-SDWAN) (newest addition)

Though there is no official requirement of an associate certification before you opt for the one at professional level, the associate certification is mighty helpful for the individuals. It helps them to get in the Networking basics, which could be supportive in obtaining a Professional-level credential. 

All the Citrix networking level credentials are valid for 3 years and after this, you would be required to re-clear the current exam. 

Citrix Mobility Certifications: 
The mobility certifications from Citrix are relatively newer in the field and out of three levels of certifications, you could only obtain a professional-level one. The Associate level mobility certification and expert level mobility certifications are still under process and would be out very soon. The lone warrior in citrix mobility field is known as Citrix Certified Professional in Mobility and is targeted towards the design and development professionals of mobile. The professionals are required to have all the basic knowledge of design, installation, configuration and management of Citrix XenMobile Enterprise. 

The professionals with Citrix Certifications are viable for hoards of roles, but most importantly, they are highly considered in fields such as designing, engineering, architecture and System Administration. 

If you too are aspiring for one of these fields with a Citrix Certification, we at Cert Wizard are there to fulfill all your needs. We will help you Pass Citrix Certifications Without Taking Citrix Exam Or Training within 5 business days and this would be delivered right to your doorsteps. 

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