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CompTIA Certification - Starting Point for a Serious Beginner

When trying to measure the practical IT knowledge of a professional, CompTIA certifications are considered to be the industry standard. Since many years, the people who've already acquired the certification have shown a better success rate & higher salaries. Although CompTIA certifications are pretty basic in nature, yet they are uniquely positioned in a busy 'technical certifications' market.

As these certifications are not bound to a single vendor, or a specific technology, they enjoy a lot of credibility. In fact, an individual who is trying to start a career in IT, cannot afford to overlook them. If you're new to the field of IT, achieving a CompTIA certification will give you a definite boost while you're hunting for a job. CompTIA certification could also make up for your lack of experience.

Focus on 3 basic steps to gain a valuable CompTIA certifications sitting right there in your comfortable chair.

  • Choose the certification you want to go for. Once you've decided, email us the details.
  • We'll need some of your personal information. You can send it along with the payment amount.
  • We will have the exam on your behalf. You can just wait for 5 days and check your results on our official website.

**FAQ - What if we don't clear the exam?

We at CertWizard are thorough professionals. If we are not able to complete the certification on your behalf, you will receive every penny back. That's a guarantee.

CompTIA Certification Price (USD) Seprate Payment Apply
CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+)
1 Apply Now
CompTIA A+ Certification
220-901 and 220-902
2 Apply Now
Network+ Certification
1 Apply Now
Security+ Certification
1 Apply Now
Project+ Certification
1 Apply Now
Server+ Certification
1 Apply Now
Linux+ Certification
LX0-103 and LX0-104
1 Apply Now
CySA+ Certification
1 Apply Now
Cloud+ Certification
1 Apply Now
CompTIA Cloud Essentials
1 Apply Now
CompTIA ITF+ Certification
1 Apply Now

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Application Requirement

To apply for the CompTIA certification, please provide us the following information:

1. First Name:  
2. Last Name:  
3. Telephone number (with the country code): 
4. Name of the CompTIA certification and its exam code:  
5. Two identification documents (E.g. Driving License and Passport): 
Please email all this information to, and you will receive all the CompTIA certification process details, payment instructions and installment information from us.  

After we receive the payment from you (for single exam, you need to pay full), we will start process of passing CompTIA exam in your name and PASS your CompTIA exam within 5 business days. 

CertWizard will 100% PASS CompTIA certification for you or you will get your money back. 

After we pass exam, you will be able to check the certification results on CompTIA certification website ( ). 

After the exam is cleared, you will release the next installment, till all the exams get cleared (while you opt for more than a single test). 

On the end of the CompTIA certification process you will receive: 
Your CompTIA certification login details, certificate, certification transcript, IT certification digital badge from Acclaim ( ). 

Pass CompTIA Certification Without Training Or Exam

Pick one (or all of them)

CompTIA certifications are designed to work in favour of individuals who have less experience in the industry. CompTIA on your resume shows that you have solid fundamentals. Let\'s give you an outline of the basic path to get certified.

CompTIA A+

This is a starting point for most professionals in the IT field. A candidate learns about the fundamental of hardware and software disciplines. It is a must for someone who is looking for the first job as a support, or a basic networker.

CompTIA Network+

This is the certification that builds on the knowledge given in A+ certification. The curriculum will focus on network installation, troubleshooting or security.

CompTIA Security+

This is an entry-level security certification that shows the candidate has  minimum amount of security knowledge required by modern network administrators. It covers complex topics like cryptography and the basics of solving a cyber crime.

It is not easy to get one

Suppose you\'ve decided to quickly start your career in the field of IT. You\'re looking to begin on a good note by attaining one of these CompTIA certifications. Although, to gain the certification by having exams is not exactly a rapid process.

Please look at the average number of days required to study for these certifications.

CompTIA A+ (100 days)

CompTIA Network+ (50 days after passing A+)

CompTIA Security+ (50 days after passing Network+)

Even though the certifications are quite basic in nature, you need to go through the study material extensively. There are certain specialized training programs that cover the course content. For a normal participant , it takes roundabout 200 days to clear these certifications. There you go. The excitement you had few seconds ago, has completely vanished. You just realized that it might take another six months to attain these certifications.

But, before you get discouraged, let me quickly offer a pleasant surprise. We can get you certified within 1 week. Yes, you heard it right. Within one week.

How Cert Wizard will help you achieve 3 certifications within a span of five days?

It is not a complex process. Firstly, we will take the certification exams on your behalf. This is great because

  1. you don\'t have to wait for 200 days.
  2. You don\'t have to physically take exams.
  3. You can easily save a lot of time and energy. Both of which are really short in supply.
  4. How do we do it?

We have tie-ups and partnerships with numerous legal test centers all across the world. As mentioned before, the certification tests are conducted in your name. Before you have any doubt, let us quickly clarify that whole process is completely legal. In fact, once you receive the results, you can even check them on official website of certification providers.

Let's start the journey by becoming CompTIA certified

Knowing that you have successfully passed an important entry-level certification exam can be a complete game changer for your resume. In fact, if you\'re just starting out, without CompTIA, none of the employers would take you seriously. The certification also shows how motivated you are to start your career as an IT professional. Many well-known names, like IBM require the prospective employees to have a CompTIA certification on their resume. The certifications can open a door for you to be considered by big and well-known businesses in the field of IT.

What are you waiting for? Invest in your career by acquiring the certifications as soon as possible.