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If you're interested in project management, the CompTIA project+ certification is something that you must've already heard before. Like every aspirant, you must be planning to take out time to clear the certification and advance ahead in your career. Unfortunately, for a regular aspirant, the road is not that easy.

You simply don't have the time. In fact, for most of us trying to acquire a top-notch certification requires continuous study for hours. It becomes an arduous task that nobody can afford in today's day and age.

"I want to become CompTIA project+ certified professional with minimal time and effort. Is there a way out?"

Well, this is exactly where CertWizard can help you. You don't have to wait for another 12, 9 or even 3 months to get the certification. With the help of our services:

1. You get the badge in 1 week.
2. You don't even have to take an exam,
3. You don't have to go through the ordeal of an online course.

In fact, if you order the certification now, we can deliver in next 5 business days.Yes, that's too good to be true. But it is true.

We will have the exams on your behalf; under your name. The process is perfectly legal and we've delivered to thousands of clients who are successfully working in IT industry across the world.

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Project+ Certification 100% PASS WITHOUT EXAM or Training

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Application Requirement

To apply for the CompTIA certification, please provide us the following information:

1. First Name:  
2. Last Name:  
3. Telephone number (with the country code): 
4. Name of the CompTIA certification and its exam code:  
5. Two identification documents (E.g. Driving License and Passport): 
Please email all this information to, and you will receive all the CompTIA certification process details, payment instructions and installment information from us.  

After we receive the payment from you (for single exam, you need to pay full), we will start process of passing CompTIA exam in your name and PASS your CompTIA exam within 5 business days. 

CertWizard will 100% PASS CompTIA certification for you or you will get your money back. 

After we pass exam, you will be able to check the certification results on CompTIA certification website ( ). 

After the exam is cleared, you will release the next installment, till all the exams get cleared (while you opt for more than a single test). 

On the end of the CompTIA certification process you will receive: 
Your CompTIA certification login details, certificate, certification transcript, IT certification digital badge from Acclaim ( ). 

Is getting a certification through CertWizard, the fastest way to get promoted? Hell yeah!

Whether it is the construction of a machine, trying to create a software, or planning a building, nothing is possible without some sort of project management. When you see a tall skyscraper, or a mobile app, or a B2B software, the foundation of each one of these processes is laid through sound project management techniques. This is exactly what CompTIA project+ certification is all about.

Just to be clear, this particular certification is centered mainly on information technology based projects.

What is CompTIA?

CompTIA is a top-rated certifying body. They offer vendor-neutral certifications that work with every organization. This openness and neutrality help them achieve a tremendous amount of credibility. That's why the hiring managers trust anything that comes out of CompTIA.

Why get project+ certified?

Well, the number one reason is to add 'credibility' to your profile. The certification successfully shows that you've taken out the time and effort to understand the ideas and processes behind project management. In a way, it works in your favor in 4 different ways:

1. It makes you marketable - If you ask an experienced professional, you'll easily know that certification holds a lot of significance for anybody looking to get hired. And it is not difficult to validate that. Just search for a relevant job on any portal and notice that CompTIA project+ certification shows under the header of 'necessary skills'. So first, it makes you marketable and helps you get shortlisted.

2. You win the perception game - Professionals who successfully acquire the certification win the game of perception. It shows that you are serious about your career in long-term. For working professionals, who are looking to advance in their career, the CompTIA brand name could do wonders. It shows that you care.

3. Feeling of self-pride - It definitely improves the self-confidence of a young professional. During an interview, you will walk in with a sense of pride and achievement. Honestly, more than anything else, it's the self-confidence that gets you the best jobs.

But, here's the real question

Is there a way to pass CompTIA project+ certification without training?

Let's accept the fact that the normal procedure to get certified is extremely long and arduous. You need to study the books and then practice exam questions. Normally, joining a good online course is the solution. However, to dedicate so much time and effort is something not everyone can afford.
If you're looking for a way out, read on.

Enter CertWizard

This is exactly where an organization like CertWizard can make you a project-management superstar. We will help you get the certification without any training or extra effort. You don't even have to take the exam. In fact, if you just spend 5 minutes on this website, buy the certification services, and quickly send us the details, we can get you the certification in next 5 business days.

We invite you to take the best decision of your professional life. Get the certification, flaunt it, and join the list of successful IT professionals working in the dynamic field of project management.

Let's start now.