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GAQM or Global Association of Quality Management Certifications are recognized well by the organizations of today and these have also lured the interests of the individuals. This is why even the experienced professionals are always searching for ways to obtain these credentials.

With Cert Wizard, your certification pathways have been made utmost easy and straightforward as you require no training or exam to get a credential. Additionally, we offer benefits such as:

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5. Please click the Certification name given below to find out any further information about the certificates
6. Please click Application requirements link to check the Application Requirement for the Examinations. 

Therefore, while you rely on Cert Wizard, we promise to save a lot of your precious time and expenses in obtaining the credential you desire. We work to safeguard your future and would ever do so.


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Six Sigma Price (USD)Seprate PaymentApply
Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CLSSYB)
1Apply Now
Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (CLSSGB)
1Apply Now
Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (CLSSBB)
CLSSBB *Prerequisites : Vaild Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
1Apply Now

Management Certifications Price (USD)Seprate PaymentApply
Project Management Certifications
Apply Now
Associate in Project Management (APM)
1Apply Now
Professional in Project Management (PPM)
1Apply Now
Certified Project Director (CPD)
CPD-001 *Prerequisites : Vaild Professional in Project Management (PPM)
1Apply Now
Business Process and Management Certifications
Apply Now
Business Process Manager (BPM)
1Apply Now
Business Management Professional (BMP)
1Apply Now
Certified Business Analyst Foundation (CBAF)
1Apply Now
Certified Professional Business Analyst (CPBA)
1Apply Now
Data Centre Certifications
Apply Now
Certified Data Centre Professional (CDCP)
1Apply Now
Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS)
1Apply Now
Certified Data Centre Expert (CDCE)
CDCE-001 *Prerequisites : Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS)
1Apply Now
Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Manager (CDCFOM)
1Apply Now
Certified General Manager (CGM)
1Apply Now
Certified Sports Manager (CSM)
1Apply Now
Certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM)
1Apply Now
Certified Risk and Crisis Manager (CRCM)
1Apply Now
Certified Problem and Change Manager (CPCM)
1Apply Now
Certified Call Center Associate (CCCA)
1Apply Now
Certified Call Centre Manager (CCCM)
1Apply Now
Certified Finance Manager (CFM)
1Apply Now
Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM)
1Apply Now
Certified Team Leader (CTL)
1Apply Now
Certified Professional Supervisor (CPS)
1Apply Now
Certified Critical Thinking and Research Analyst (CCTRA)
1Apply Now
Certified Sales and Marketing Professional (CSMP)
1Apply Now
Certified Real Estate Manager (CREM)
1Apply Now

IT Certifications Price (USD)Seprate PaymentApply
Linux Certified Professional (LCP) Powered by LPI
1Apply Now
Linux Certified Engineer (LCE)
LCE-001 *Prerequisites : Vaild Linux Certified Professional (LCP) Powered by LPI
1Apply Now
Linux Certified Master (LCM)
LCM-001 *Prerequisites : Vaild Linux Certified Engineer (LCE)
1Apply Now
Certified Cloud Computing Professional (CCCP)
1Apply Now
Certified Cloud Computing Consultant (CCCC)
CCCC-001 *Prerequisites : Certified Cloud Computing Professional (CCCP)
1Apply Now
Certified Information Security Professional (CISP)
1Apply Now
Certified Information Systems Security Manager (CISSM)
1Apply Now
Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
1Apply Now
Certified Agile Scrum Master (CASM)
1Apply Now
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
1Apply Now
Certified Forensic Analyst (CFA)
1Apply Now
Certified Penetration Tester (CPT)
1Apply Now
Certified Software Manager (CSM)
1Apply Now
Certified Professional Trainer (CPT)
1Apply Now
Certified Network Engineer (CNE) - Foundation Level
1Apply Now
Certified Hardware and Technology Engineer (CHTE)
1Apply Now
Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP)
1Apply Now
Certified Information Technology Manager (CITM)
CITM-001 OR CDCP-001 and CNE-001
1Apply Now
Certified PHP Professional (CPP)
1Apply Now
Certified Web Developer (CWD)
1Apply Now

Software Testing Certifications Price (USD)Seprate PaymentApply
Certified Software Tester - Foundation Level (CSTFL)
1Apply Now
Certified Software Tester - Intermediate Level (CSTIL)
1Apply Now
Certified Software Testing Manager (CSTM)
1Apply Now
IMTQN Certified Mobile Application Tester (CMAT)
1Apply Now

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Application Requirement

To apply for the exam, please provide the following information:

1. First Name:
2. Last Name:
3. Telephone number (with the country code):
4. Name of Certification and Its Test Code:
5. Two identification documents (Eg. Driving License or Passport):

Please email all this information to, and you will receive all the payment and installment information from us. 

After we receive the payment from you (for single exam, you need to pay full), we would complete your tests within 5 business days.

You could check the test result on GAQM Certification Website ( 

Steps to check the result: (url)

After the exam is cleared, you could release the next installment, till all the exams get cleared (while you opt for more than a single test).

GAQM Certifications And Their Needs For A Professional

Ensuring the superlative quality, in each and every endeavor you deliver, has been the most common need in todayís competitive environment. Under these circumstances, the organizations are always in hunt of professionals who could comply with all the quality standards while they work.

But how do organizations judge these professionals?
This is done with the help of appropriate credentials possessed by these professionals, which offer them the credibility to deliver superlative quality when they work. 

GAQM Certifications are some of the most common credentials that the individuals could earn to boost their resume. GAQM stands for Global Association of Quality Management and is an independent body that provides certifications. 

GAQM offers a wide range of internationally-recognized certifications which include the following:

1. Lean Six Sigma Certifications
2. Certified Sales And Marketing Professional Certifications
3. Project Management Certifications
4. Certified Cloud Computing Certifications
5. Business Management Professional Certifications
6. Premium IT Certifications
7. Software Testing Certifications
8. Professional Management Certifications
9. Security Certifications

These certifications are offered at various levels and are directed to validate the specialized skills within an individual. 
Why Individuals Needs GAQM Certifications: 

GAQM Certifications hold a great value for an individual as well as the organizations in which they work. Some of the benefits of obtaining GAQM Certifications are as follows:

1. As most of the organizations have focused on quality of their products and services, they prefer individuals who could provide them their needs. GAQM certified individuals stand a better chance of obtaining a particular position against their non-certified counterparts.

2. GAQM offers both technical and non-technical certifications. Therefore, if you are interested in obtaining a non-technical credential, GAQM is always there to satisfy your needs.

3. Industries also look forward to recruit individuals that could live up to the expectations of clients and customers. Who could be better suited for such roles than GAQM-certified individuals?

4. GAQM Certifications also provide frameworks for the improvement of quality and also enhance the document skills of an individual.

5. The candidates could also expect to receive greater monetary benefits, career-growth rewards and higher positions than the ones who are non-certified.

Therefore, GAQM certifications have turned rather a need of the organizations, and individuals are up, investing their time and labor to obtain the credentials. There could be a number of exams which you need to clear in order to obtain these and mind you! These exams are not always the easiest to clear. 

However, now you could obtain GAQM certifications most easily with the help of Cert Wizard. We help you to Pass GAQM Certifications Without Exam Or Training and would deliver the credential right to your doorsteps at the earliest. Thus, Cert Wizard is one of the most promising names to trust when you wish to obtain any kind of professional credentials.