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Out of all the programming languages, Java is considered the undisputed leader in todays application development. This is why the employers are always looking for the best of Java professionals and these are measured on the standards of their credentials.

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The Professional Java Certifications From Oracle And Their Levels

Java has evolved to be one of the major and most preferred programming languages, which has deepened its roots with the passage of time. But to be proficient in this language and to validate your proficiency, you could always need a credential against your name.

The professional Java Certifications from Oracle could be one such credentials that are designed to provide knowledge and expertise in developing applications with the help of Java Technologies. Some of the most prevalent Java Technologies are:

1. Java Standard Edition 7
2. Java Standard Edition 6
3. Java Standard Edition 5 etc. 

The Certifications from Java are meant to test the basic understanding of an individual with the concepts such as Java Programming, Java Platforms, Object Oriented Programming and Java Technologies etc. These certifications require passing the stipulated exams which validate the expertise of an individual in performing intricate activities through practical and lab experiences. 

Levels Of Oracle Java Certifications: 

The Java Certification pathway of oracle consists of four levels which are:
1. Oracle Java Certified Associate
2. Oracle Java Certified Professional
3. Oracle Java Certified Expert
4. Oracle Java Certified Master

Let us look at the above certifications in a bit detail:

Java Associate Level Certifications: The associate level certifications from Oracle are aimed for the newcomers in Java and the most common certification in this is the Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer. This certification helps to develop the basic understanding of the application development and project management in software with the use of java Technology. 

Java Professional Level Certification: This is the second level of Java certifications and the most common in this is the Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer Certification. As this is more of a professional level credential, it enhances and validates the skills of Java Application Development in an individual.

Java Expert Level Certification: This is the level of Java certifications after professional level and incorporates testing the skills and knowledge of an individual in some special portions of Java Technology. You could authenticate yourself of being more than a Java Programmer with the help of this credential.

Java Master Level Certification: This is the most advanced level of Java Certifications from Oracle and the experienced candidates are always in desire of Oracle Certified Master, Java Enterprise Architect Certification. The certified professionals are liable to architect and design Java Platform, the EE technology-compliant applications which are secure, flexible and scalable too. 

And all these levels of Java certifications have their own set of exams which are mandatory to clear, in order to obtain the credentials. 

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