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Linux Professional Institute or LPI is an organization based in Toronto, Canada which promotes the certificate program to provide IT professionals with vendor neutral LIP certifications, around the globe. Being a multi-level certification program, each of its level requires clearing of certification exams. The program’s initial structure includes:

1. Linux Server Professional Certification (LPIC-1)
2. Linux Network Professional certification (LPIC-2)
3. Linux Enterprise Professional Certification(LPIC-3)

Each exam under Linux Professional Institute Certification has a set of topics as the part of its syllabus, and each one of those topics have a designed weight. 

These initial levels focus on the Linux system administration, whereas the other levels of certifications include a lot of specialties like virtualization and security. 

The ones who are looking forward to get their Linux career kick started can go for the Linux Essentials Certification. It is a good way to start rather than jumping directly to the advanced LPI Certifications. The Linux Essentials covers skills like Editing of Command-Line and Linux Operation System (Its programs, components and processes).

Majority of positions which LPI Certified Professionals can go for are given below:

1. System Administrators
2. System Engineers
3. Network Administrators
4. Technical Support Specialists
5. Cloud Administrator
6. Cyber Security Engineer
7. Technical Education Specialist

LPI certification Price (USD) Seprate Payment Apply
LPI Linux Essentials
LPI 010
1 Apply Now
LPI DevOps Tools Engineer
LPI 701
1 Apply Now
LPIC-1 Certified Linux Administrator
LPI 101 and 102
1 Apply Now
LPIC-2 Certified Linux Engineer
LPI 201 and 202 *Prerequisite: LPIC-1
1 Apply Now
LPIC-3 300: Linux Enterprise Professional Mixed Environment
LPI 300 *Prerequisite: LPIC-2
1 Apply Now
LPIC-3 303: Linux Enterprise Professional Security
LPI 303 *Prerequisite: LPIC-2
1 Apply Now
LPIC-3 304: Linux Enterprise Professional Virtualization and High Availability
LPI 304 *Prerequisite: LPIC-2
1 Apply Now

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Application Requirement

To apply for the exam, please provide the following information:

1. First Name:
2. Last Name:
3. Telephone number (with the country code):
4. Name of Certification and Its Test Code:
5. Two identification documents (Eg. Driving License or Passport):

Please email all this information to , and you will receive all the payment and installment information from us.
After we receive the payment from you (for single exam, you need to pay full), we would complete your tests within 5 business days.
You could check the test result on LPI Certification Website (

After the exam is cleared, you could release the next installment, till all the exams get cleared (while you opt for more than a single test).

What are Various Types of LPI Certification and How it Helps You in the IT Sector

The LPI certification program is considered to be quite simple and includes three different certifications that are built on one another.

1. LPIC-1: Linux Administrator

This certification is considered as a junior level certification which can be acquired after clearing a couple of exams: 101-400 and 102-400. Clearing these exams is a must. 

  • LPIC-1, 101-400 exam syllabus covers the in and out of Linux installation, architecture of the whole system, UNIX and GNU commands, File and Device Systems and basic Package Management.
  • LPIC-1, 102-400 exam covers the customizing of shell environments, managing databases, running SQL commands, writing and running scripts. Another vital point which an individual needs to consider in this exam is, how to configure settings for the desktop and user interfaces, which eventually helps in performing administrative tasks.

2. LPIC-2: Linux Engineer

This certification is known as the advanced-level certification provided by the LPI. To go through the process of LPIC-2, the enrolled individual must have the LPIC-1 certification, as a prerequisite. There are two exams which you need to pass in order to obtain LPIC-2: 201-250 and 202-450. 

  • LPIC-2, 201-450 exam goes directly through configuring and maintaining file systems and their devices, configuring system boot loaders and startup services, Linux kernel manipulation and most importantly capacity planning.
  • LPIC-2, 202-450 exam puts a lot of emphasis on network related topics such as router configuration, email services, network client management, file sharing, web services and DNS (Domain Name Server).

3. LPIC-3: Linux Enterprise Professional

Known to be the last stage and the most effective certification under LIP: LIPC-3 is considered to be an expert-level. In order to obtain LIPC-3, an individual needs to have quite a many years of industry experience in troubleshooting, networking, integrating, managing and installing. 

LPIC-2 is a must, in order to earn LPIC-3, along with one of the 300-series exams which you have to clear in the process. 

  • Mixed environment (300-100): This 300-series’ mixed environment exam focusses on Samba administrations and its high advanced levels and OpenLDAP configuration.
  • Security (303): This 300-series’ security exam emphasizes on network security, operations, accessing applications, cryptography and controls.
  • High Availability and Virtualization (304-200): Along with virtualization, this exam also focusses on cluster storage and management and load balancing.

Understanding LPI Linux Essentials

This certificate is reckoned as the professional development Linux Essential certificate which can also be called as an entry-level certification. This certification doesn’t act as a prerequisite to LPIC-1, though provides an opportunity to people who are new to Linux. In the process of taking this exam, you gain a lot of preparatory experience for LPI certification, which in a way can help you pursue other LPIC certifications in future. 

If you happen to earn the Linux Essentials, it would mean that you have familiarized yourself with writing basic scripts, performing backup and restoring operations, managing files, running commands on the command lines and knowing about open source applications along with the closed source. 

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