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MySQL Certifications are for the candidates who wish to qualify as a database administrator or database developer in a reputed organization. These credentials offer you the desired edge which offers appropriate reasons to an employer for selecting you against any other individual.

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Oracle MySQL Certifications And Their Fields Of Operation

Oracle is one of the global leaders which provide a wide array of database certifications and these credentials have been recognized almost all around the globe for their efficiency. The certified database professionals certainly possess some unique database skills, knowledge and experience, with which, they could adapt according to the needs of the organizations.

MySQL is one of the most prominent database certifications from Oracle and it is aimed towards both, the database developers and the database administrators. Let us look at these certifications one by one for a better view of these:

MySQL Database Developer Certification:

The MySQL Developer certification from Oracle is for the IT individuals who wish to gain proficiency in data types, transactions, triggers, queries, writing applications and fractions etc. The professionals would acquire the knowledge to create tables and use these and databases for the required purposes. And this also includes the storage of data in MySQL databases, while performing some basic tasks such as creation, modification, insertion, retrieval and deletion etc.

Apart from the written exams, the credential also involves specific practical sessions that offer them proficiency to deal with the complex issues.

Some common topics covered in the MySQL Developer Certification exam are:

1. Organizational databases and maintaining data in them
2. Performing data analysis
3. Importing and exporting of data
4. The database structures
5. Manipulation of data to either numeric or spatial form
6. Operating the complex sub-queries

MySQL Database Administrator Certification:

The Database administrator certification from MySQL is aimed at professionals who wish to attain proficiency in database tasks such as setting up of access controls, describing the recovery basic, safeguarding the user privileges and defining the limitations in resources.

In fact the MySQL Database Administrator Certification is aimed for both, the developers and the administrators and could provide expertise in managing the server-based issues.

The MySQL database administrator certification too requires clearing an exam which could cover topics such as:

1. MySQL Architecture
2. Installation and upgrade of MySQL
3. Making use of the Information_Schema database for metadata access
4. Start and termination operations of MySQL
5. Data types and character sets for evaluating the performance
6. Use of triggers for the management tasks
7. Backup and recovery activities
8. The data locking fundamentals in MySQL
9. The tuning techniques with respect to introductory performance

Thus, you could opt for any of the two MySQL certifications from Oracle, all according to the track your wish to pursue. Often, it has been found that it is the certification exams and the trainings for these which pose the real problems for the individuals.

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