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Getting on the other side of a CompTIA certification exam is not an easy task. Like any other exam, you need to prepare well in advance and then deliver on the time. Unfortunately, most candidates who appear for CompTIA exams are first-timers or busy with their day jobs. So, the elusive dream of getting a brand new CompTIA certification on your CV becomes a bit too difficult to achieve.

Is There A Way Around It? How Do You Prepare For An Important Certification Exam?

Let's look at a few important tips that could easily get you a top-notch certification without any hassle:

1. Go Through A Lot Of Books & Sample Questions

It's always a very good idea to go through a wide variety of relevant content before appearing for the exam. Not only will it give you multiple perspectives, but it will also help you mentally prepare for any kind of question that might appear in the final examination.

2. Read Those Definitions Carefully

When you go through the certification syllabus, just ensure that you read the definitions carefully. A lot many questions seem uncomplicated if you've correctly understood the definition related to the concept.

3. Elimination Technique (In Case Of Multiple-Choice Questions)

If there are 4 options in a multiple-choice format, you need to select the one closest to your answer. Remember, the correct answer is out there. It's in front of you. You just have to eliminate all the other options.

4. Do Not Leave The Questions You Don't Follow

It's the worst idea to leave a question and not answer it. As far as most CompTIA exams go, the value of a blank answer is zero. In any case, there is no negative marking. If you have absolutely no idea, you should take an intelligent guess.

5. Go Through The Questions That Appeared In Previous Exams

Once you've surfed through a lot of questions from previous exams, you feel a sense of comfort and ease. Honestly, you would no longer be surprised when you see a different kind of question repeated all over again.

6. Understand The Theory First

While going through a textbook or an online course, never jump to the exercise before grasping the theory. You must understand the basic concepts so you can answer difficult questions based on those concepts.

7. Don't Waste Time With Q's That You Don't Know At All

Never waste your time on questions you don't know or have any idea about. If it is a multiple-choice question, just mark an answer and move one. You've got a limited period, which should be used efficiently on questions you can answer.

8. Read A Lot (From Various Sources)

Again, it's a good idea to read about the experiences of previous aspirants who've successfully cleared the exams. Articles like this one will give you an idea about the strategies to win the battle.

9. Manage Your Time Well

As with any other hurdle, it's important to manage your time during preparation. Make every second count if you just have 50 hours to prepare for an exam.

10. Know Your Strong Points

Just ensure that you prepare for topics that are close to your heart. You would always find concepts that are difficult to grasp. Leave them and concentrate on the ones you like.

11. Be Aware Of Varied Style Of Questions

Some of us are good at multiple-choice questions, while others are good at subjective queries. Depending upon the kind of certification exam that you go for, you should first attempt the questions that you are naturally better at.

12. If You're Short On Time, contact CertWizard!

comptia exam online


If you're looking to acquire an IT certificate in a quick time, the best idea is to contact a top-notch certification provider like CertWizard. Thousands of candidates have already cleared the CompTIA exam through our PROXY TEST-TAKING service. It doesn't cost much and saves you a lot of time and effort.

Well, if you follow most of these tips, there is no reason that you cannot get your CompTIA certification on time. Remember, it's all about knowing what you can do in the 'limited period of time'. Weigh out your options and respond accordingly.

Apply for CompTIA certification test

There are no special CompTIA requirements or CompTIA prerequisites. Only 3 simple steps to apply for the CompTIA certificate. Process explanation:

1.   Contact us with the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • WhatsApp No (full with the country code)
  • Question (if any)

We'll reply to your email within 12-24 hours and give you instructions about how you can get CompTIA certified in just a few days.

2.   Once you receive information about CompTIA certification and exam which you want to pass, payment will be done.
The moment you send us the payment, we will start the CompTIA certification process for you.

3.   After we finish you can check the results on the official CompTIA certification authority organization website.

You will be able to:
Download your CompTIA certificate 
Create CompTIA transcript details
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After we finish your certification process you will be able to check your Results on CompTIA official website.

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Investing in a CompTIA certification is important in pushing your career in the right direction. Now when you know the right team who can help you, it is simple.

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