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If you're trying to clear CompTIA Network+ certification, you're on the right track to an awesome career. Whether it is configuring network switches, or working with large Windows networks in an enterprise, setting up and maintaining networks is something networking IT professionals will do for the most of their career.

If that's where your area of interest lies, Network+ certification is a perfect choice.

Relax, don't get confused with the technologies mentioned. There's a good chance that you might not yet know what aspect of networking you'd like to pursue. That is completely fine. This is something that you can decide at a later stage as well.

For the moment, your decision to get a CompTIA network+ badge on your profile is definitely on target. But, before we step into anything else, let's figure out some details of the Network+ certification.

CompTIA Network+ Certification - premium, trustworthy name in the industry

Network+ certification offers an amazing overview of the whole networking industry. It also shows all the options you have in the future. The knowledge that you receive while preparing for the certification is going to help forever.

This is something that stays with you permanently and can be considered a long-term benefit of the certification.

Most importantly, the Network+ certification is kind of a prerequisite for any advanced level certification in the field of networking. So, in a way, if you're trying to build a career in networking, you need to have a premium CompTIA certification on your resume.

What is the process of certification?

To clear the certification, you need to pass one computer-based multiple-choice exam. There are no particular requisites and absolutely no experience is needed to appear for this exam. You just pay the testing fee to the authorized testing facility and show up for the exam. Once the exam is completed, you would shortly get to know whether you passed or failed.

Find how much time you have & fix up your schedule

Calculate the time that you need to prepare for the syllabi and create a schedule to study. Once you start putting in hours, you'll know your strong points. Plan accordingly and concentrate on your strong points. Don't forget to practice a lot of questions before appearing for the actual exams. Honestly, for some of us, who have not appeared in exams for a long time, practice is super-important.

How will the CompTIA Network+ exam shape up your career:

  • Stand tall among peers - Networking is a busy and competitive field. A lot of your peers will appear for the interviews fully prepared and with a bunch of certification on their CVs. Do you want to be left behind?
  • Personal achievement - The number one reason why people clear the CompTIA Network+ Certification is to ensure that their career is in the right direction. When you clear the examination you get a sense of personal and professional achievement. This is the kind of badge that highlights your CV in front of the hiring managers.
  • Become an expert - In today's complex world you should try and specialize in one particular niche. Network+ certification would help find your niche in the networking field. It will help you become an expert in networking. Remember, the IT world loves its experts.
  • You become a favorite among hiring teams - With the rising competition among IT companies, most of them prefer to hire certified staff that comes trained, right from day 1. Also, an IT firm feels more confident in front of their clients and they can flaunt their certified workforce as an asset. The moment you get Network+ certified, a hiring manager would be confident to incorporate you into their firm. Think about it! Who doesn't like well trained, certified professionals?

Honestly, these are just the tips of the iceberg. There are multiple benefits of getting a reputed certification like CompTIA Network+. Not only would you give a real push to your career, but the amount of confidence you gain is also just amazing.

For working professionals who don't have much time to prepare for the exam, contact a top-class certification provider, CertWizard, your best friend when it comes to IT certification service, for many years. We can get you the certification within 1 week without any hassle.

The cost of services is nominal as well. Of course, this option is only valid for people who don't have much time on their hands and want to get certified as quickly as possible.

So, is there something that is holding you back? Do you have any questions regarding the Network+ certification?

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